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One of the famous and excellent movie directors and actors named Adoor Bhasi. He was one of the best and excellent actors with a phenomenal acting style. Talking about their birthplace he was born in Trivandrum, Kerala on 1st March 1927. He also has a birth name as Bhaskaran Nair. He is one of the known personalities of the Malayalam industry with a lot of talent and acting style. One of the brilliant actors made his entry into the film industry as a lead hero. The Malayalam language was his favorite language and hence his acting career was brilliant.

His father, E.V Krishna Pillai, was a renowned writer and dramatist. His mother, Maheshwari Amma, was the youngest daughter of C.V.Raman Pillai. More detail about Adoor Bhasi is given below.

Career and bio

The acting career of this brilliant actor named Adoor Bhasi made entry to the fun and comedy role of the Malayalam industry. The acting career from the Malayalam industry has shown exponential growth and his talent captured the entire mind of people. In 1970 he used his best skills and explored English speech throughout. Not only this he also became famous and directed three Malayalam movies back to back. He usually believes the best among persons can be depicted through their talent.

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He was the first person to identify the talent of Kamal Hassan and provided a leading role in the movie named Adiyapadam. In 1978 the movie named Reghu Vamsam, Acharam Ammini Osaram Omana in 1977, Adyapadam in 1977 were three movies directed by him. He also performed various roles in movies directed by some of the other directors. The comedy role for a movie named Viruthan Shanku has proven to be one of the best comedy movies.

He received 3 Kerala state awards for various movies. For movies named Chattakkari, Cheriyachante Krura Krithyangal, Karimbana he received a State award and made the industry proud.

More achievements

Adoor Bhasi a well-known Malayalam actor has some achievements by performing in movies. Some of the famous movies of this actor are given below.

  • Kaathirunna Naal(1983) directed by Uncategorized.
  • Angaadikkappurathu(1985) directed by IV Sasi.
  • Kilikkonchal(1984) directed by Ashok Kumar.
  • Chirico chili(1982) was directed by Balachandra Menon.
  • Criminals(1975) directed by A Babu
  • Kodumudikal(1981) directed by Sasi Kumar
  • Nandi Veendum Varika(1986) directed by PG Vishwabharan.
  • Aanaykkorumma(1985) directed by M Mani.
  • Muthodu Muthu(1984) directed by M Mani.
  • Ramanam(1976) directed by DM Pottekkad.

More information

He as a Malayalam actor opted for a small role in a feature film named Thiramala directed by P.R.S Pillai. In 1968 a film named Viruthan Shanku, a type of comedy movie, turned his career in a new direction. This was the film in which he participated in a bigger role as an actor. Between 1960 – 1970 he became the top celebrity in the Malayalam industry. For most of the movie he performed both comedy types and therefore as a supporting role he acted in more than 700 films.

Talking about the leading actor with whom he performed in various films as supporting roles are Sathyan, Prem Nazir, Madhu, K.P Ummer, Jayan, M.G Soman, Sukumaran, Mammootty, Mohanlal. Besides comedy, he also acted in a villain role in Karimbana and Itha Oru Manushyan. He was the first person to get Kerala state film award as the best actor in 1974 for the movie Chattakkari. In 1984 it was the second time he got Kerala state film award for his performance in the movie named Pathanamthitta. He has also got the opportunity to play a lead role in his own real life. The director of the film is Suku Menon.

He is often considered the first filmmaker of South movies. He has received various awards and recognized the credentials of Kamal Hassan for the leading role in the movie Adiyapadam. As we know Kalam was the greatest Star of the Indian industry. He showed his patience and hard work with dedication towards the industry and therefore received the various awards for his achievements. He will always remain in our hearts and the movies he made will always be appreciated. As a proud actor, he will always remain in our souls for millions and millions of years.