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If Robin Williams had not been there, Chachi would not have been 420, Munnabhai MBBS would not have been there.

If Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy were the legendary comedy artists of the black and white era, then the current generation got no one above Rowan Atkinson and Robin Williams. Rowan Atkinson who is his Mr. Bean and Robin Williams who is the reason we got Chachi 420 and Munnabhai MBBS.

Robin was a Hollywood legend. Number one spoof. He also kept laughing at crores of people of the world. Watch his acting anytime, your stomach will swell with laughter. Will start falling from the chair. But Robin committed suicide by hanging in old age. Why? It has been said that he was in depression. They were also under stress from other possible diseases of old age. On August 11, 2014, when the news came that Robin Williams had died, I could not believe it at all. How could this happen? Not sure at all. will never happen. It still hurts today.

The list of such films and stand-up comedies is a long one which is a gift from Robin to us that will never die.

Mrs Doubtfire is one of such films. Kamal Haasan’s film Chachi 420 was completely inspired by this. A story in which a father becomes the nanny of the children to be closer to his children. Robin played both male and female characters with great conviction.

In Aunty No. 1, Govinda also played a similar character and his entire mannerism was inspired by Robin.

Robin was the voice of the genie in the Disney film Aladdin that we have seen a lot. While recording the voice, many times he added dialogues from his mind. And he was kept exactly in the film.

During the shooting of Mrs Doubtfire, Robin had spoken so many dialogues from his mind that it became difficult to edit. Because the film that came out was very different from the script. After this, the director of the film Chris Columbus had to edit it like a documentary.

There is another film which is the most special in his filmography. That’s Patch Adams. This 1998 film is the story of a man who challenges the rules of not maintaining a relationship with the patient in the medical profession. He believes that life may be short but it should be of quality. It was the same film that inspired director Rajkumar Hirani’s cult film Munnabhai MBBS. Very few people know this. This story was based on the life of a real person. Those who have liked the role of Sanjay Dutt must watch Patch Adams.

When Robin was in high school, there was a competition in his class. Voting was held in many categories in this. When the results came, it was found that Robin was placed in the category with the least chance of success, but he got the votes in the category with the most fun.

The most popular films of Robin’s career are Eyed Poets Society in 1989, Good Will Hunting in 1997, Mrs Doubtfire in 1993 and Hook in 1991, Goodmorning Vietnam in 1997. Jumanji is also a very famous film of his which most people must have seen.

In 1997, Entertainment Weekly magazine voted to choose the world’s funniest person. In which Robin Williams was considered the funniest man in the world.

Robin was the first to be chosen for the role of Hagrid in Harry Potter.

Born on July 21, 1951, Robin will always be remembered.