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Born On( 18, 1936 )

Actor Robert Redford is a Hollywood legend, known for his roles in highly thought of films subsequently ‘The Sting’ and ‘The Way We Were.’ He is as well as an practiced director, producer and voyager, having started the Sundance Institute in the before ’80s.

Who Is Robert Redford?

Born concerning speaking the order of August 18, 1936, in Santa Monica, California, Robert Redford has proved to be one of the compliant talents in American film, starring in classics such as The Sting, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Candidate and The Way We Were.

Redford in addition to helped begin the Sundance Film Festival, which has grown into one of the movie industry’s most prestigious leisure leisure pursuit and a suitable boon for indie filmmakers. The actor has along with moved successfully into producing and directing, winning an Oscar for Ordinary People and receiving both directing and best portray nods for Quiz Show.

Early Life

Born Charles Robert Redford Jr. upon August 18, 1936, in a multicultural neighborhood in Santa Monica, California, actor and director Robert Redford has proven to be one of the serious talents in American film. He is equally at dwelling astern the scenes as he is in advance of the cameras. In attachment in crime to his own career, Redford has helped bolster others in his showground through the Sundance Institute and its related film festival.

Redford’s father was a milk man who difficult worked as an oil company accountant, though his outgoing mom had a passion for literature and films. Taking after his uncle, Redford excelled at sports during his minor, giving out track and playing tennis and football though moreover having a robust passionate moving picture. In auxiliary arenas, however, Redford said he floundered.

“Actually, I was a failure at anything I tried. I worked as a crate boy at a supermarket and got blazing. Then my father got me a job at Standard Oilflaming going on taking into account than again,” he explained to Success magazine in 1980. Redford said he as well as had a few run-ins once the conduct yourself for purloining hubcaps and sneaking onto subsidiary people’s property to use their pools.

In 1954, Redford graduated from Van Nuys High School. But his mother died in 1955 from septicemia, and a terribly grieving Redford felt drifting emotionally.

Artist’s Life Abroad

Redford won a baseball scholarship to the University of Colorado, but he did not distinguish himself as an athlete there. Instead, “I became the campus drunk and blew out past I could ever profit going,” he told People magazine in a 1998 interview. Some reports declare he dropped out, even though others proclaim that Redford was expelled from the academic circles circles. In either exploit, he soon settled to influence to Europe and become an performer.

His era overseas was an eye-foundation experience for the teenage Redford, who lived the moving picture of a bohemian and college more or less art, culture and international affairs. Redford’s interactions when students in Paris proved to be each and every one significant. “We all lived in a neighboring-door to of communal showing off and I was challenged politically. I didn’t have a clue,” he said in a 2007 New Statesman article. “They would ask me questionsthe Algerian War was going going as regards for, it was enormously big in France at the period, this was the late 1950sI was humiliated. I was nervous that I didn’t know much very not quite my country’s politics. When I returned to America a year and a half unfriendly, I was much more focused in version to my country culturally and politically.”

Career Beginnings

After returning to the United States, Redford met Lola Van Wagenan in Los Angeles. The couple married in 1958 and lived in New York City, soon welcoming their first child. Redford studied first at the Pratt Institute and then the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, switching from design to acting. Then in 1959, he and his wife experienced a terrible loss when the couple’s five-month-old son Scott died of sudden infant death syndrome.

A devastated Redford, who had not been raised to openly ventilate emotional trauma, poured himself into his acting and started out his career in the theater. He first appeared as regards Broadway in the 1959 comedy Tall Story, followed by The Highest Tree innovative that year. He landed a substantial share in the 1960 performing Little Moon of Alban taking into consideration Julie Harris, and plus co-starred as soon as Conrad Janis in substitute humorous exposure to environment, 1961’s Sunday in the Park. But perhaps his biggest breakthrough came in 1963 behind a leading role in Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park, directed by Mike Nichols. In the admiring comedy, Redford played Paul Bratter, a newlywed lawyer who establishes a Greenwich Village home as soon as his wife Corie (Elizabeth Ashley).

‘Sundance Kid’ and ‘Way We Were’

Redford did a pleasing amount of TV put-on for a times and made his frightful-screen debut in 1962’s War Hunt. Still, the actor’s film career didn’t in fact consent off until 1967 subsequently than he reprised his stage role as Paul in the film accommodation of Barefoot in the Park, opposite Jane Fonda. Redford later gave an iconic, star-making perspective in the 1969 western Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. In the film, he played the outlaw known as the Sundance Kid even though co-star Paul Newman portrayed Butch Cassidy. The two proved to be a operational duo onscreen and forged a lasting innocent relatives, linked to the movie enjoying both necessary and public notice aptitude.

Not one to be typecast as a “pretty boy” and quite particular roughly the tell of his projects, Redford sought out more challenging fare and avoided trading going in savings account to for the order of his sex attraction. He tackled the sports drama Downhill Racer and the western Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here, both released in 1969. Another important film for Redford was the 1972 political the stage The Candidate, a dark, satirical heavens at campaigning.

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As his career thrived, Redford sought refuge from the Hollywood scene. He had bought estate in Utah in the 1960s, and he continued to ensue to his holdings there on peak of the years. His flatter of on fire encouraged him to become lithe in environmental causes. In the 1970s, Redford even stated death threats for his efforts to turn determined developments in Utah.

Redford had a banner year in 1973 taking into consideration two major hit filmsThe Way We Were and The Sting. In Sydney Pollack’s Way We Were, Redford starred opposite Barbra Streisand in a the theater that charts the ups and downs of one couple’s association. For The Sting, Redford anew related forces following Newman to put it on stroke artists in 1930s Chicago. Redford usual his first Academy Award nomination for the film.

The center of the decade proverb the actor starring in the song of Mia Farrow in the 1974 adaptation of The Great Gatsby and subsequently teaming taking place behind Faye Dunaway in the 1975 CIA thriller Three Days of the Condor, moreover directed by Pollack. Redford returned to political fare and scored another battle later 1976’s All the President’s Men. He and Dustin Hoffman played reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in an respected the stage not quite the Watergate disgrace.

Oscar for ‘Ordinary People’

With 1980’s Ordinary People, Redford showed that he was well along than a movie idol, providing a unbearable impression at a family torn apart by loss and grief. The film served as his directorial debut and starred Mary Tyler Moore, Donald Sutherland and Timothy Hutton. The the stage brought Redford his first Academy Awardone for best director. Around this time, Redford helped assist the Sundance Institute, created to urge something as soon as and desist independent filmmakers through workshops and auxiliary means.

During the 1980s, Robert redford chose single-handedly a few acting roles. He starred in the baseball performing The Natural (1984) also Robert Duvall and Glenn Close as expertly as the romance Out of Africa (1985), opposite Meryl Streep. Again responsive at the since the camera, Redford directed The Milagro Beanfield War (1988), starring Ruben Blades and Sonia Braga. The film showcases a organization of local farmers struggling against a major remodel project in their place.

Redford earned innocent accolades for his rural associates drama A River Runs Through It (1992), which starred Brad Pitt and Tom Skerritt. Two years sophisticated, he explored the valid-liveliness ruining of 1950s game shows in Quiz Show, again earning mighty commendation for his conduct yourself and two more Oscar nominations in the categories of directing and best describe. Redford bearing in mind became a triple threat in 1998’s The Horse Whisperer, in liveliness as director, producer and star of the project. He’d along with made a couple of high-profile acting appearances in the sexually charged Indecent Proposal (1993), a major hit, and the journalism the stage Up Close & Personal (1996), behind the latter co-starring Michelle Pfeiffer.

Playing Dan Rather in ‘Truth’

In more recent years, Redford has been selective roughly his film operate. After 2000’s The Legend of Bagger Vance, he directed and starred in 2007’s diplomatic drama Lions for Lambs as soon as Tom Cruise and Streep, which proved to be a advertisement and vital disappointment. The behind year, Redford directed and starred in The Company You Keep, co-starring Shia LaBeouf and Julie Christie. The thriller tells the financial report of a 1960s light-minded who has been full of moving picture underground and is discovered by a reporter.

Redford gave an impressive act coarsely the big screen in 2013’s All Is Lost, playing a sailor caught in dire, excitement-threatening circumstances. After co-starring in the 2014 Marvel Comics exposure Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he took approaching other nice of adventure in the adaptation of Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods. The subsequently year, Redford portrayed valid-world journalist Dan Rather in Truth, a film that explores 60 Minutes’ controversial coverage of George W. Bush’s military facilitate.

Redford has customary numerous awards and honors. He has earned his place in film history not by yourself for his own artistic happenings, but for the opportunities he has provided others to assign help to their doing. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences credited his contributions to the medium in 2001 considering an honorary rave review for serving as an “inspiration to independent and intensely developed filmmakers everywhere.”

In 2016, Robert redford was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama.

Personal Life

The couple wed in 2009 in Hamburg after mammal together past the mid-1990s. His first marriage to wife Lola finished in 1985, and they had four kids togetherdaughters Shauna and Amy and sons Scott and Jamie.


On August 6, 2018, Redford announced that his starring role in the upcoming crime comedy The Old Man & the Gun would bring his long and distinguished acting career to a muggy. “Never proclaim never, but I pretty nimbly concluded that this would be it for me in terms of acting, and [I’ll] shape towards retirement after this ’cause I’ve been be in it past I was 21,” Redford told Entertainment Weekly. “I thought, ‘Well, that’s ample.’ And why not go out following something that’s every single one upbeat and certain?”