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Natalie Portman (born Natalie Herschlag, 9 June 1981) is an Israeli American actress. His first role was a starring role in the 1994 independent film Leon (known as The Professional in the United States).

She gained widespread fame after playing the role of Padme Amidala in three episodes of Star Wars. Portman, who has said “I would have been smarter than a movie star,” completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Harvard College while working on the Star Wars films.

In 2005, Portman received a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in the drama Closer. In May 2008, he served as the youngest member of the jury of the 61st Annual Cannes Film Festival. Portman’s directorial debut, Eve, opened the shorts competition at the 65th Venice International Film Festival in 2008.

Early life

Portman was born in Jerusalem, Israel. Her father, Avner Herschlag, is an Israeli doctor who specializes in fertility and reproduction (reproductive endocrine). Her mother, Shelley Stevens, is an American housewife who now works as her agent. His grandfather’s parents died in Auschwitz and his Romanian-born great-grandmother was a British spy during World War II.

Portman’s parents met at a Jewish student center at Ohio State University where her mother was selling tickets. His father returned to Israel and the two kept in touch through letters and married when their mother moved to Israel a few years later.

This family was first established in D.C. Kay lived in Washington, where Portman attended the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, but moved permanently to Long Island, New York in 1990, when he moved to Connecticut in 1988. Portman has said that although she “really [likes] the United States a lot… my heart is in Jerusalem.


Although she says her family was not religious, Portman attended a Jewish preparatory school called Solomon Schechter Day School in Glen Cove, New York. He graduated from a public high school called Syosset High School. Portman didn’t attend the premiere of Star Wars: Episode I so she could study for her final high school exams.

In June 2003, Portman graduated from Harvard College with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. At Harvard, Portman was a research assistant to Alan Dershowitz (he thanks her in The Case for Israel) in a psychology laboratory. While she was studying at Harvard, she was a resident of Lowell House and wrote a letter to the Harvard Crimson in response to an anti-Israel essay.

Portman took graduate courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the spring of 2004. In March 2006 she appeared as a guest lecturer at a Columbia University course on terrorism and counter-terrorism where she spoke about her film V for Vendetta.

In addition to being bilingual in Hebrew and English, Portman has studied French, Japanese, German, and Arabic.

As a student, Portman co-authored two research papers that were published in professional scientific journals. His 1998 high school paper, “A Simple Method to Demonstrate the Enzymatic Production of Hydrogen from Sugar,” was included in the Intel Science Talent Search.


Natalie Portman began training in dance at the age of 4 and performed in local circles. In a magazine interview, Portman said she was “different from the other kids. I was more ambitious, I knew what I liked and wanted, and I worked hard. I was a very serious kid.

Portman used to spend her school holidays in theater camps. When she was 10 years old, she played Ruthless! auditioned for. In 1994, she auditioned for the role of a girl assisting a middle-aged hitman (a gun-firing professional killer) in Luc Besson’s film, Léon (aka The Professional). Soon after getting the role, she adopted her grandmother’s pre-wedding name “Portman” as her stage name in the interest of privacy; However, in the film’s director’s cut on DVD, she is portrayed as Natalie Herschlag.

Lyon opened on 18 November 1994, his first film appearance at the age of 13. In the same year he made an appearance in the short film Developing which was televised.

In the mid-1990s, Portman had Heat, Everybody Says I Love You and Mars Attacks! Along with roles in films called Beautiful Girls, she had a leading role.

She was the first choice for the role of Juliet in William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, but the producers did not find her age suitable for the role. In 1997, Portman played the role of Anne Frank in a Broadway film adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank.

Salon’s critic Mary Elizabeth Williams described Portman as “astonishing” and said that “unlike many actresses her age, she is neither too emotional nor too daring.” In the late 1990s, Portman was cast as Padme Amidala in all three Star Wars episodes. She then signed on to play the lead role of a teenage mother in Where the Heart Is.

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After filming Where the Heart Is, Portman moved to a Harvard University dormitory to pursue her bachelor’s degree in psychology. In July 2001, Portman inaugurated the New York City Public Theater production of Chekhov’s The Seagull, directed by Mike Nichols; She played Nina in the film alongside Meryl Streep, Kevin Klein and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The play opened at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. That same year, she was one of several celebrities to make an outstanding appearance in the 2002 comedy Zoolander. Portman made a minor appearance in the film Cold Mountain alongside Jude Law and Nicole Kidman.

In 2004, Natalie Portman appeared in the independent films Garden State and Closer. Garden State was an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival, winning Best First Feature at the Independent Spirit Awards. Her performance as Alice in Closer earned Portman a Golden Globe for Supporting Actress as well as an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

The film was the highest-grossing domestic film of that year and was voted Favorite Motion Picture at the People’s Choice Awards. Similarly in 2005, Portman filmed Free Zone and director Milos Foreman’s Goya’s Ghosts.

Private Life

Portman, who has been a vegetarian since childhood and became a pure vegetarian in 2009 after reading Jonathan Saffron Foer’s Eating Animals, is an animal rights advocate. She does not eat animal products or wear fur, feathers, or leather goods. “All my shoes are from Target and Stella McKartney,” he has said. In 2007, he launched his own brand of pure vegetarian footwear.

In 2007, Natalie Portman traveled to Rwanda with Jack Hanna to film a documentary called Gorillas on the Brink. Later, at a naming ceremony, Portman named a baby gorilla Gukina, meaning “playing”. In 2004 and 2005, she traveled to Uganda, Guatemala and Ecuador as an ambassador of hope for FINCA International, an organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to women-owned businesses in poor countries through micro-organisms. – Promotes credit.

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They discussed micro-finance in an interview held backstage at the Live 8 concert in Philadelphia and appearing on the PBS program Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria.[58] Host Fareed Zakaria said he was “generally wary of celebrities with movable interests”,

But with regard to Natalie Portman, he said that “he was really aware of his subjects.” In the “Voices” segment of the April 29, 2007 ABC Sunday Morning Program episode of This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Portman discussed her work with FINCA and how it affected women and children in Third World countries. can benefit.

During the 2008 Democratic preliminary elections, Portman endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton for the presidency but said “I like Obama. Even I like McKen-Ken. I disagree with his war stance, which is really.

Of the concept of the afterlife, he says: “I don’t believe in it. I believe in it as it is and I believe it is the best way to live.” She has said that she feels more of her Jewishness in Israel, adding that she wants her children to be raised according to Judaism: “Of course the first thing that comes to me is That I want to raise my children according to Judaism, but the last thing is that I have someone who is a good man and who is a companion.”

In a May 2002 issue of Vogue, Natalie Portman described actor/musician Lukas Haas and musician Moby as his close friends.