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Who is Eddie Murphy ?

Edward Reagan “Eddie” Murphy (born 3 April 1961) is an American actor, voice actor, film director, producer, comedian and singer. He has become the second highest-grossing actor in the US due to his box office collections. From 1980 to 1984 he was a regular member of Saturday Night Live and a stand-up comedian ( Comedian).

He has received Golden Globe Award nominations for his performances in films such as 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop, Trading Places, and The Nutty Professor. In 2007, he won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Soul Singer James “Thunder” Early in Dreamgirls, as well as an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for the same role.

In addition to his main character in some of his films, he has been playing many other roles as well; He does this as a tribute to his idol Peter Sellers, who played several roles in Doctor Strangelev and many other films. Murphy did the films Cumming to America, Wes Craven’s Vampire in Brooklyn, the Natty Professor films (in addition to playing the protagonist in his two films, he also played the roles of father, brother, mother, and grandmother), Boffinger, and 2007’s Norbit Played many roles in.

Early Life

Murphy was born in the Bushwick area of ​​Brooklyn, New York. His mother Lillian was a telephone operator and his father Charles Edward Murphy a transit police officer and an amateur actor and comedian. Murphy and his older brother Charlie were raised in Roosevelt, New York, by their mother and stepfather, Vernon Lynch (who was a foreman at an ice cream plant).


Murphy performed at the same comedy club in the Bay Area where Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg performed. In his early comedies he used fierce language to make fun of various groups (including Wasps, African Americans, Italian Americans, fat people, and gays).

This caste-based material was similar to that of Richard Prior, whom Murphy considered to be the inspiration behind his foray into the field of comedy; However, in his biography Prior Convictions, Prior writes that at times he found Murphy’s comedy quite insensitive. Murphy later apologized for insensitive jokes about homosexuals and HIV.

1980s Acting Career

People first began to focus on Murphy as a regular performer on Saturday Night Live, and for the first time in the early 1980s, Murphy was credited with re-popularizing the series. goes.

Robinson (which was a mockery of Mr. Rogers and well-liked by the real person), And Gambi, in which the animated character is shown to be highly irritable; Murphy’s portrayal of Gambi led to SNL’s famous phrase, “I’m Gambi, Dammit! (I’m Gambi, damn it!).”

In 1982, Murphy made his big screen debut with Nick Nolt in the film 48 Hours. He became the only member of the party who got the chance to host it while being regular. Murphy began the show by saying, “Live from New York, it’s the Eddie Murphy Show!” The following year, Murphy, along with his SNL partner Dan Ackroyd, played the protagonist in a film called Trading Places.

The film marked the beginning of a partnership with Murphy and director John Landis (who also directed Murphy in Cumming to America and Beverly Hills Cop III) and achieved more than 48 hours at the box office. In 1984, Murphy played the lead role in the successful action film Beverly Hills Cop. This was his first film as a lead actor.

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In 1984 Murphy starred in Best Defense alongside Dudley Moore. Financially and critically, the performance of Best Defense was very disappointing. While hosting SNL, Murphy also joined the group that condemned Best Defense and called it “the worst film in history”.

Murphy was offered a role in the 1986 film Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, but was later rewritten several times and converted to a love role rather than a comedy, and the role was eventually revealed in future Seventh Star of Heaven (7th Heaven) played by Catherine Hicks. By this time, Murphy’s almost-exclusive contract with Paramount Pictures had become Paramount’s most profitable franchise, similar to Star Trek.

In 1986, Murphy starred in the supernatural comedy The Golden Child. Although The Golden Child (featuring Murphy’s “I Want a Knife!” Rotin’) did well at the box office, it was not as well received by critics as 48 Hours, Trading Places, and Beverly Hills Cop.

A year later, Murphy reprized the role of Axl Foley in Beverly Hills Cop II, directed by Tony Scott. The film was a huge success at the box office, earning $150 million. Its producers reportedly wanted to convert the Beverly Hills Cop franchise into a weekly television series. Murphy declined the television offer, but did express his desire to do a sequel.

Legal Problems

Murphy’s childhood friend Harris Heath wrote in his book Growing Up Laughing with Eddie, long before Murphy wrote Cumming to America, Art Buchwald went to Paramount Pictures with the idea of ​​one such film. A few years later, Paramount presented the idea of ​​Coming to America to Eddie and gave the contract to him.

Private Life

In August 2005, Mitchell filed for divorce citing “bitter differences”. They divorced on 17 October 2006.In May 1997, shortly before the release of Holy Man, police stopped Murphy’s car with a gay prostitute; Because of this, Murphy’s image among the public suffered a lot. The Murphy family currently resides in Long Island, New York.


You should not come to any conclusion”. Brown gave birth to a girl named Angel Iris Brown on Murphy’s 46th birthday on 3 April 2007. On June 22, 2007, representatives for Brown announced in People that DNA tests confirmed Murphy’s paternity. Brown said in an interview that Eddie Murphy did not try to establish any relationship with Angel.