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Dustin Hoffman Versatile United States Film Actor (born 1937)


Dustin Hoffman (born August 8, 1937) is an American actor and director. Hoffman is said to be one of the greatest actors ever. He is known for his multi-faceted portrayal of characters and emotionally vulnerable characters.

He is the recipient of numerous accolades, including two Academy Awards, six Golden Globe Awards (including the Cecil B. DeMille Award), four BAFTAs, three Drama Desk Awards and, two Emmy Awards. Hoffman received the AFI Life Achievement Award in 1999 and the Kennedy Center Honors Award in 2012.

Hoffman first garnered critical acclaim for acting in the play, eh? For which he won a Theater World Award and a Drama Desk Award. His successful film role in the critically acclaimed and prestigious The Graduate (1967) was by Benjamin Braddock.

Hoffman’s films include Midnight Cowboy, Little Big Man, Papillon, Lenny, Marathon Man, All the President’s Men, Kramer vs. Kramer, Totsi, Rain Man, Hook, and Wag the Dog. He made his directorial debut with the quartet in 2012.

  • Job — actor
  • Country of Citizenship USA
  • Birthday — August 8, 1937
  • Place of birth Los Angeles, California
  • Real Name — hoffman dustin lee

Award winning Academy Award Actor Actor Award (52nd) (1979) “Kramer, Kramer” Academy Award Actor Actor Award (61st) (1988) “Rainman” OB Award (1966) “Journey of the Fifth Horse” Golden .

Globe Award Newcomer Award (25th) 1967) “Graduation” Golden Globe Award Winning Actor Best Actor (37th 1979 Year) “Kramer, Kramer” Golden Globe Award Leading Actor (Gallery ·

Comedy Category 40th 1982 Year) “Totty” Drama Desk Award (1984) “Death of the Salesman” “Emmy Award (1985)” Death of the Salesman “Golden Globe Award for Actor Award (TV Mini Series 43rd 1985)” Salesman Death of the Golden Globe Actor (46th 1988) “Rainman” Berlin International Film Festival Golden Bear Honorary Award (39th) (1989) Venice International Film Festival Special Achievement Award (53rd) [1996] Golden Globe Award Cecil · b. DeMille Award (54th in 1996) AFI Life Achievement Award [1999] Annie Award (Voice Actor 36th) [2009] “Kung Fu Panda”

The film debuted with ’67 ‘Tiger Makes Out’. Recognized by Mike Nichols in the same year, he is nominated for the protagonist Benjamin, nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor in the same work and selected for the Golden Globe Newcomer Award.

1979, Kramer received the Best Academy Award for Best Actor in ‘Kramer’. In ’88, he did well for autism patients with “Rainman” and won a second Academy Award. Other major productions include “John & Mary” (’69), “Little Giant” (’70), “Straw Dog” (’71), “Alfredo Alfredo” (’72), “Papillon” (’73), Huh.

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Lenny Bruce “(’74),” Presidential Conspiracy “,” Marathon Man “(’76),” Tottie “(’82),” Hook “(’91) Year),” Billy Busgate “(’92), “Outbreak” (’95), “Mad City” (’97), “New Orleans Trial” (2003), “Meet the Fockers” (2004) and “Kung Fu Panda” (voice appearance 2008).

The stage won the Emmy Award in 1984 for “Death of the Salesman” and the same television version (’85). Debut with “Quartet” in 2013! Opera House of Life “.


Dustin Hoffman initially hoped to become a classical pianist, having studied piano during much of his young person years and in school. While at Santa Monica College, he in addition to took an acting class, which he assumed would be attainable, and “caught the acting bug.”

He recalls: “I just was not rosy in music. I did not have an ear.”Now an aspiring actor, he spent the neighboring ten years doing deviant jobs, beast unemployed, and struggling to reach any attainable acting roles, a lifestyle he was difficult to portray in the film Tootsie. Hoffman composed a impression called “Shooting the Breeze”, and Bette Midler wrote the words.

Hoffman, Hackman, and Robert Duvall lived together in the 1960s, all three of them focused in the region of finding acting jobs.Hackman remembers, “The idea that any of us would reach proficiently in films clearly didn’t occur to us. We just wanted to take steps”. Hoffman’s spaceDuvall described him as Barbra Streisand in dragand small size made him uncastable, Vanity Fair in front-thinking wrote.

Personal life

There were always a few models. One comes taking place to you and says, “Hi,” in the middle of you’ve never looked at her, while for six months you’ve been imagining her in bed considering you. And she says, “I’d as soon as to realize a scene behind you,” and, whoa, she picks a high regard scene, and you’on the subject of rehearsing and it’s “Yes!” That happened to me and to Bobby. Much as we were adherents to our craft, we looked for classes along with women.

After meeting in 1963, Dustin Hoffman married Anne Byrne in May 1969. He adopted Karina (b. 1966), Byrne’s child from a previous marriage, and as soon as Byrne had daughter Jenna (born October 15, 1970). In 1970 Hoffman and Byrne were perky in Greenwich Village in a building subsequent to-door admission to a townhouse occupied at the grow dated by members of the Weathermen, behind a bomb was accidentally detonated in the townhouse’s basement, killing three.