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  • Full Name Charlie Spencer Chaplin
  • Born 16 April 1889
  • Place of birth london england
  • Profession actor, director, composer, editor, screenwriter, producer etc.
  • Career from 1899 to 1976
  • Father Charles Chaplin Sir.
  • Mata Hannah Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was an English comedian, filmmaker and composer who was famous in the Silent era. The Mauni era was that, when there was no voice in films, only they could be seen. They used to be very big artists in the 20th century. Charlie Chaplin used to act as Trump, for which he was famous in the world, and was one of the most important actors in the history of the film industry.

Charlie Chaplin’s career spanned 75 years, from his childhood to the year before his death, and he was one of those who were involved in flattery and controversy. Chaplin started his career in childhood. He also produced many films, as well as he was an expert in the comic art of the Mauni era, for which he made a place in the hearts of people all over the world. Chaplin has also been an editor, screenwriter and producer, who made his place in history with his acting.

Charlie Chaplin`s early life

Charlie Chaplin was born on 16 April 1889 in London, England. He started dancing as a child, before appearing on the big screen. Charlie Chaplin’s name began to grow from Ranka to King’s story. Chaplin’s father was a talented singer and actor, and mother was a charming actress and singer on the stage named “Lily Harley”, who earned a name in the light opera field with her work.

Chaplin’s mother had to leave all of this due to some mental problems and she became an assistant to her family for a few years. But he introduced his son Charlie Chaplin to everyone in a performance and in the midst of the performance without any explanation, he gave his voice and asked the production manager to take his 5-year-old son in his place. Chaplin became known to the public as a comedian. But for his mother, it was all over, his voice could never come back. At that time Charlie and his brother took a house for themselves in London.

Charlie Chaplin Career

In 1897, Chaplin thought that he would make his business better by using his mother’s contract. He tried a lot, but he had to leave it all due to no more benefit from it. Chaplin also made a number of small shorts, but he never forgot his goal of becoming an actor. Charlie dropped out of his studies even before he was 10 years old, as his father died at that time and his mother was ill. Because of which it was necessary for Charlie and his brother to make arrangements for themselves.

When he was 12 years old, he had the opportunity to present the play in a legitimate stage program, and appeared in “Sherlock Holmes” in collaboration with William Gillette as Page Boy “Cat”. Charlie then made his debut as a comedian in Vaudeville in 1908, eventually making him the lead actor in 1910 with the “Fred Carno Repertire Company” of the United States.

He went on to become an instant success with the American public, especially in the outline of his characterization. In 1912, Charlie had the opportunity to do a motion picture contract. Before coming to Camerara in 1913, he had to relinquish the responsibility of Vaudeville. After this, he ventured into the world of cinema, the same month he joined the company “Mac Sennet” and “Keystone”. His initial income was $ 150 a week, but due to his overnight success, other producers started offering him more money.

Charlie Chaplin acting career

In 1914, Charlie Chaplin started his film career. In order to distinguish himself from other actors in Sennett films, Chaplin decided to work in a special kind of character. Then a small baby boy walking by Trump was born. The public liked his acting very much. Over the next year, Chaplin appeared in 35 films, including a lineup of ‘Tillis Punctured Romance’, a full-fledged comedy film.

After finishing this contract, Chaplin began working in the “Issany Company” in 1915, where he accepted the week for $ 1250. Chaplin did 14 films with this company. Chaplin’s character is established as the protagonist. When he rescues the farmer’s daughter from robbers, it was usually his first classic film.

He was a superstar at the age of 26, and passed away from his Vaudeville days. He moved to a mutual company, where he was paid $ 670,000 a year. These funds made Chaplin a rich man, but he did not know that he was starting to derail his artistic drive. He did a great job with the Mutual Company, in which he did the films One A.M., The Rink, The Vagabond in 1916 and Easy Street in 1917.

Chaplin became known as the Perfectionist through his work. He got immense love from these experiments of his. It was difficult for him to understand that he was making a debut with a lead actor, then realized that he was making a mistake in his casting and decided to do something new again.

Chaplin’s career began to grow further in the 20th century. In the same decade he did some historical films, “The Kid” in 1921, “The Pilgrim” in 1923, “A Woman in Paris”, “The Gold Rush” in 1925, Circus Eye in 1928, Chaplin is Always wanted to remember the film.

Charlie Chaplin real life

Charlie Chaplin had many dramas in his real life, for which he became famous. He had love affairs with many actresses working with him. In 1918, Charlie married 16-year-old Mildred Haris. Then in 1924, he again married 16-year-old actress Lita Gray. She worked with Chaplin in the film “The Gold Rush”, and after some time she became pregnant, giving birth to her 2 sons. But Chaplin and his wife were not happy with each other and they divorced in 1927.

Chaplin remarried in 1936, at this time he married a chorus girl who was with him in the film ‘Poulette Goddard’. In 1942, he had relations with another actress ‘Joan Barry’, he also had a daughter, but after an examination it was found out that she is not Chaplin’s daughter, but ordered him to pay for the support of that girl. went. In 1943, Chaplin married 18-year-old ‘Una O’Neill’, this was his successful marriage, with 8 children.

Charlie Chaplin Filmography

Chaplin did very interesting and engaging films in the 1930s. His film ‘City Light’ came in 1931, he got commercial success with this film and in this film he added his own music. In the modern times of 1936, he made a commentary about the state of the economic and political structure of the world, which earned him great praise.

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Chaplin was also a very good producer. Chaplin spoke loudly in the 1940 film “The Great Director”. In which Hitler and Mussolini’s governments were ridiculed and said “I want to return grace and kindness”. Chaplin also said around the film’s release that “I am just a human, who wants real democracy in this country”.

Chaplin soon became the target of many conservatives, and a representative of Mississippi’s John E. Rankin promoted him for his department. In 1952, the United States ‘Attorney General’ abused Chaplin, Chaplin angered and said goodbye to the United States and went to live in a small farm in Corsier-sur-Veve, Switzerland.

Charlie Chaplin last days

Chaplin went to the United States for the last time in 1972, when he was awarded the Honorary Academy Award. Chaplin’s last film came after a 5-year journey in 1967, “A Countess from Hong Kong”, which was his first film producer and the only color film. In which he cast ‘Sophia Loren’ and ‘Marlon Brando’, the film did not do much. Chaplin was recognized in 1975, when he was given the title of Knight by Queen Elizabeth.

He died in the morning of 25 December 1977 at his home in Corsier-sur-Veve, Switzerland. He was in his bed at the time of his death with his wife Una and their 7 children. Chaplin’s body was stolen, and 2 men buried him in a tomb, near Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Those 2 men demanded $ 400,000 from their family to return the body.

Charlie Chaplin Quotes

  • A gentleman, a poet, a dreamer and a lonely man, often hope for romance and adventure.
  • If you just get a smile, then your life will become meaningful.
  • If you leave people alone, then your life will be better.
  • For all the disappointments, the right love is the most beautiful, because you can express it more than once.
  • I do not believe what they want, I have made the same conclusion from my career.
  • To really laugh, you should get black to play with your pain.
  • Humor is a tonic for pain relief.
  • Despair is a drug, it makes the mind restless in apathy.
  • We think more and we feel less.
  • The hatred of the people will end, the taunts will die, and the power they have snatched away from the people will get back to the people. In the end, everything is a joke.
  • I believe that doing wrong things at the right time is the irony of life.
  • My suffering can be the reason for someone to laugh, but my humor should never be the reason for someone to laugh.
  • You cannot do anything without imagination.
  • Life can be wonderful if you are not afraid of it.
  • I am calm with God, my struggle is with man.
  • Failure is not necessary, it gives courage to fool oneself.
  • Sheesha is my best friend, because when I cry, he never laughs.
  • I believe in humor and tears as a cure for hate and terror.
  • Nothing is permanent in this evil world – even our troubles.
  • It is easy for a friend to help in need, but he does not always have the opportunity to devote his time.
  • The most unhappy thing that I imagine is the becoming of luxury.
  • I am for people, I cannot help them.
  • So singing, crying, dancing, laughing, and love should be done intensely. Before this, close any curtain and end this section with applause.
  • All my films are next to the plan of getting into trouble, so it gives me an opportunity to appear an ordinary gentleman seriously.
  • To be talented, I don’t need drugs. A talented person knows this, but I need your smile to be happy.
  • In light of our ego, we have descended from the throne of kings.
  • All I need is a park, a policeman, and a beautiful girl to make a comedy film.
  • I always like to walk in the rain, so no one can see me crying.
  • The dictators liberate themselves but make people slaves.
  • I did not know anything about the character. I started to know him and on the way to the stage, he was completely born.
  • We all want to help others. People also like this. We should be happy in each other’s happiness, not in each other’s poverty.
  • Why should poetry be for understanding?
  • This is a merciless world and you have to be merciless to face it.
  • Actors seek to go to Thukarai, if they do not find it, they reject themselves.
  • Women with gray hair pose problems, they are more bloodthirsty than Jews.
  • Compared to history books, there is even more valid facts and information in works of art.
  • This is why there is trouble with the world. We all hate ourselves.