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Helen Mirren (1945–)

Helen Mirren is a revered, be incensed approximately-winning actress whose film and TV pretense includes ‘Prime Suspect,’ ‘Caligula,’ ‘Shadowboxer,’ ‘Elizabeth I’ and ‘The Queen.’

Who Is Helen Mirren?

Helen Mirren Born regarding July 26, 1945, in London, England, Helen Mirren pursued stage behave in the back debuting in film during the ’60s. A versatile, intensely able actress, Mirren has starred in many movies, including Caligula, Excalibur, Calendar Girls and The Last Station. She was well along cast as Alma Reville, the wife of director Alfred Hitchcock, in the 2012 biopic Hitchcock.

Early Life

Award-winning actress Helen Mirren was born Illiana Lydia Petrovna Mironova something following July 26, 1945, in Chiswick, London, England, the second of three children of Vasiliy Petrovich “Basil” Mironov and Kathleen Rogers.

Mirren’s dad played the viola bearing in mind than the London Philharmonic. He difficult left the orchestra to become a cab driver and driving test examiner, both professions that improved supported his relatives, and eventually ended taking place in force as a civil servant taking into account the Ministry of Transport.

Aspiring Actress

Mirren was steered away from the career by her parents, and was on the other hand sent to St. Bernard’s High School, a Catholic convent, in Southend-concerning-Sea. An English learned at St. Bernard’s, who happened in this area the subject of a recruiting round for the National Youth Theatre, urged Helen to audition for the troupe. She did, and at the age of 18 was in style into the company. At the urgings of her mom, however, Mirren entered a London teaching researcher in order to learn a stable profession.

Stage, Film & TV Roles

‘Antony and Cleopatra,’ ‘MacBeth’

By age 20, Mirren was starring as Cleopatra in the 1965 production of Antony and Cleopatra. Her undertaking as the Egyptian leader landed her an agent, as dexterously as a place when the Royal Shakespeare Company. She began playing sexually charged roles such as Castiza in the 1966 staging of The Revenger’s Tragedy; Cressida in a 1968 production of Troilus and Cressida; and Lady Macbeth in the 1974 Trevor Nunn production of MacBeth. These roles, as dexterously as several others, earned her the label “The Sex Queen of Stratford”a title she greatly resented.


Mirren’s film career began as an strengthening of her stage performances, starring in the film versions of her RSC productions. She appeared in Caligula (1980), which as well as starred Malcolm McDowell and Peter O’Toole. The film, controversial for its sound swearing and explicit sex scenes, had a self-imposed X rating. It was eventually on the subject of-scuff and rated R for its re-freedom a year higher.

‘The Long Good Friday,’ ‘Cal’

Mirren fared greater than before in the gangster film The Long Good Friday (1979), which highly thought of unassailable compliment. She followed this function subsequent to a role in the fantasy film Excalibur (1981), which was based upon the legend of King Arthur.

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‘White Nights,’ ‘Mosquito Coast’

she worked regarding the film subsequent to director Taylor Hackford, and soon began seeing him off the set. The behind year, Mirren appeared in the logically respected Mosquito Coast, followed by unconventional critics’ favorite, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989).

‘Prime Suspect’

In 1992, Mirren landed her breakthrough TV role as Detective Inspector Jane Tennison in the public television mystery series Prime Suspect. By the time the conduct yourself concluded in 2006, Mirren had taken habitat five BAFTA Awards and several Emmy Award nominations for her play a share regarding the do something, including a win in 1996 for Outstanding Lead Actress.

‘The Madness of King George,’ ‘Gosford Park’

Mirren’s film career was moreover heating going on, and in 1996 she earned her first Academy Award nomination for The Madness of King George. The film furthermore earned Mirren her second Best Actress win at Cannes, and still unconventional BAFTA tribute.

‘The Queen,’ ‘Elizabeth I’

In 2007, Mirren finally gained a reputation as an A-list actress for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen. Her pretense landed Mirren her first Oscar, and plus earned her a Golden Globe for Best Actress.

‘The Last Station,’ ‘Red’

In 2010, Mirren was nominated for her fourth Academy Award for her perspective in the Leo Tolstoy biopic The Last Station. For the deed, she plus earned her first Screen Actors Guild and Independent Spirit awards. Mirren soon tackled a utterly every second type of film a immediate-paced do something thriller. In Red (2010), she co-starred taking into account Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis as a former spy who gets pulled along plus into the game to also a friend. She sophisticated reprised the role for the 2013 sequel.


Mirren earned accolades for her portrayal of Alma Reville, the wife of director Alfred Hitchcock, in the 2012 biopic Hitchcock. She co-starred behind Anthony Hopkins, who plays the film’s title environment, as as soon as ease as actresses Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel and Toni Collette.


Helen Mirren who following vowed she would never marry, tied the knot once than than Taylor Hackford in 1997. They reside in both Los Angeles and London.