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Actress and singer Judy Garland was the star of many timeless musical films, including ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ and known for her tremendous produce a result-squabble and frightened energy.

Who Was Judy Garland?

Judy Garland signed a movie friendship behind MGM at the age of 13. 1939, she scored one of her greatest concerning-screen successes later than The Wizard of Oz. In 1950, MGM dropped her from her arrangement. In the 1960s, Judy Garland spent more times as a singer than an actress. She died in 1969 of an accidental overdose.

Early Life

Actress and singer Garland was born Frances Ethel Gumm re June 10, 1922, in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Garland, the star of many timeless musical films, was known for her tremendous facility and frightened energy. The daughter of vaudeville professionals, she started her stage career as a child.

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Garland was called “Baby Gumm” and sang “Jingle Bells” at her first public feat at the age of two and a half. With her two older sisters, Garland soon began the theater as allocation of the Gumm Sisters.

In 1926, the Gumm associates moved to California where Garland and her sisters studied acting and dancing. They played numerous gigs that their mommy, Ethel, had settled for them as their bureaucrat and agent. In the late 1920s, the Gumm sisters furthermore appeared in several sudden films.

The Gumm sisters transformed into the Garland sisters at the World’s Fair in Chicago in 1934. Traveling as soon as their mom, the sisters played at a theater subsequent to comedian George Jessel, who reportedly suggested they become the Garland sisters. Garland shed her nickname “Baby” approving of a more grow primeval and animate Judy.

The later year, she would become a solo row, signing a movie settlement later than MGM at the age of 13. It was approximately a radio assert that November, however, that Garland debuted one of the songs most touching linked considering her, “Zing!

Breakout Role

Despite her personal anxiety, Garland continued upon her alleyway to film stardom. One of her first feature film roles was in Pigskin Parade (1936). Playing a girl-adjacent-door-right to use type, Garland went upon to co-star in Love Finds Andy Hardy (1938), gone friend Mickey Rooney. The two proved to be a popular pairing, and they co-starred in several more Andy Hardy films.

Not unaccompanied was she effective a lot, but Garland was in addition to below pressure from the studio roughly her looks and her weight. She was resolute idea amphetamines to boost her cartoon and manage her weight. Unfortunately, Garland would soon become reliant in savings account to this medication, along subsequent to needing added substances to lessening her nap. Drug problems would plague her throughout her career.

In 1939, Garland scored one of her greatest on-screen successes as soon as The Wizard of Oz, which showcased her singing talents as proficiently as her acting abilities. Garland venerated a special Academy Award for her portrayal of Dorothy, the girl from Kansas transported to Oz. She soon made several more musicals, including Strike Up the Band (1940), Babes of Broadway (1942), bearing in mind than Rooney, and For Me and My Gal (1943), when Gene Kelly.

Spouses and Children

Garland married for the first times at the age of 19. Her bond as soon as bandleader David Rose was decidedly rushed-lived, however. On the set of Meet Me in St. Louis (1944), option of Garland’s signature films, she met director Vincent Minnelli. She officially divorced Rose in 1945 and soon wed Minnelli. The couple as well as welcomed a daughter, Liza, in 1946. Unfortunately, Garland’s second marriage single-handedly lasted a tiny longer than her first. The Garland-Minnelli concurrence was virtually on summit of by 1949 (they officially divorced in 1952).

Around this grow pass, Garland began to crack down emotionally. Likely exhausted from years of constant be sprightly and from all the medications she used to save herself going, she developed a reputation for being subjective and unstable. In 1950, MGM dropped her from her treaty because of her emotional and mammal difficulties. Garland’s career appeared to be spiraling downward.

Singing and Acting

In 1951, Garland started to rebuild her career behind insist from producer Sid Luft. She starred in her own go to the lead in report to the order of Broadway at the Palace Theater, which drew large crowds and ran for on intensity of 20 weeks. More than gainfully showcasing her powerful and expressive voice, the revue also proved that Garland was a dedicated performer, helping to relieve the earlier negative stories approximately her. She earned a special Tony Award for her outfit upon the move and her contributions to vaudeville in 1952.

Garland married Luft in 1952, which was a stormy association by some reports. They had two kids together daughter Lorna in 1952 and son Joey in 1955. Whatever personal complexity Garland and Luft had, he had a determined impact going very roughly for her career and was instrumental in putting together one of her greatest films.

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Starring opposite James Mason, Garland gave an outstanding concern as a girl who obtains stardom at the price of elevate in A Star Is Born (1954).

In the 1960s, Garland spent more grow archaic as a singer than an actress, but she yet managed to earn option Academy Award nomination. She played a girl who had been sedate by the Nazis in 1961’s Judgment at Nuremberg. Despite all of her completion as a singer, these were the without help Grammy wins of her career.

Garland with tried her hand at series television. From 1963 to 1964, she starred in The Judy Garland Show. Her two daughters, Lorna and Liza, made appearances upon the perform, as did her early co-star, Rooney. Jazz and pop vocalist Mel Torm served as the program’s musical assistant.

Final Years and Death

Although her television series finished, Garland was still in demand as an gymnast, playing gigs vis–vis the world. But her personal moving picture was as scared as ever. After many separations, Garland divorced Luft in 1965 after a cutting stroke to the fore more child custody. She speedily remarried this mature to actor Mark Herron. But that sticking to lasted unaided a few months at the forefront dissolving.

The neighboring year, Garland went to London. She was in personal and financial campaigning by this times. During performances at London’s Talk of the Town nightclub, Garland was in view of that not in courteous influence in the region of the order of stage.

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Garland wed former bandleader and club overseer Mickey Deans in March 1969. However, just a few months taking into account, upon June 22, 1969, she died in London of what was reported to be an accidental overdose.


The legacy of Garland has been carried roughly speaking by her daughters, both of whom are singers and have had varying degrees of do something. Lorna wrote roughly her excitement previously Garland in her 1998 autobiography, Me and My Shadows: A Family Memoir. It became the basis for the 2001 television mini-series Life as soon as Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows.

Despite her premature death, Garland continues to sticking to a devoted behind. There are countless fanatic sites online as nimbly as published biographies that question re all aspect of her liveliness from her brilliant facility, her professional successes and failures, and her myriad of personal struggles. In celebration of the late star, the Judy Garland Museum at her birthplace holds an annual festival.

In September 2019, the biopic Judy starring Rene Zellweger explores Judy Garlands unqualified year and London concerts.