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  • Name Bruce Lee
  • Full name Lee Jun – Fen
  • Born November 27, 1940
  • Place of birth Chinatown, San Francisco, California, U.S.
  • Nationality Chinese, American
  • Father Lee Hoi – Chuen
  • Mother is Grace

Bruce Lee is a great Chinese personality, who is called the best martial artist in the world. Lee is a martial artist, as well as Hong – Kong and a US actor, philosopher, producer, director, screenwriter, and founder of Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts.

He entered films at a young age and became famous as a child artist. While working as his acting and martial arts – he soon became a martial arts instructor. People liked him very much. But he died at the age of 32 years.

Bruce Lee early life

Bruce Lee’s father was Lee Hoi – Chuen and his mother was Grace Ho. He had four siblings. His first teacher was his father, who taught Lee the basics. At the age of 13, he started Wing Chun’s training under Yip Man. Academically, Lee received his early education from La Salle College.

In 1959, he continued to participate in Street Fights to relocate to San Francisco. Meanwhile, he worked as a live-in waiter for Ruby Chow’s Restaurant. In 1961, he attended the University of Washington where he was majoring in drama. In this way, they had an early life.

Bruce Lee career

Bruce Lee learned to speak monosyllabic words as a child before beginning his career. He was just three months old when he made his first film “Golden Gate Girl”. Since making his debut in the world of tamasha, the early years of his life have been eventful. With this, an actor was born in him and his acting skills grew with each film, he did about 18 to 20 films at that time. After acting from 1959 to 1964, he gave up his acting career and made martial arts his profession. He started this as a teacher of kung-fu. Over his time, he opened his own martial arts school in Seattle, named “Li Jun Fen Gung Fu Institute”.

In 1964, he left his college to join James Lee, a famous martial arts instructor in Oakland. Together they opened another school in the same city, called Jun Fen Martial Arts Studio. He performed very well in an event in 1967. Meanwhile, he had a private match with Wong Jack Man, which he won. His exceptional performance at the Long Beach Karate Championship brought him to the limelight of Hollywood directors. Her first stint as a mature adult was in the TV series ‘The Green Hornet’. The show started in 1966 and lasted its first season till 1967.

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From 1967 to 1969, he was called as a guest in many TV series, including ‘Ironside’, ‘Here Come the Brides’ and ‘Blondai’. Between his performances, he used to take some time to concentrate in his martial arts. He realized that he was very rigorous in traditional martial arts techniques.

This happened when Jeet Kung Do prepared the way for the intercepting fist. In 1969, he went as a guest in the film ‘Marlow’. However, he lacked bison and significant role, leaving Los Angeles for Hong-Kong in the summer of 1971. Upon reaching Hong Kong, Lee signed two films. He was an actor, writer, director, star and choreographer in a fight scene in the 1972 film Way of Dragon. The same year he received a film and offer, titled ‘Inter The Dragon’. The film was to be released on 26 July 1973. In this way, he had a career in film and martial arts.

Bruce Lee’s Major Work –

Bruce Lee, a distinguished martial arts artist, has done a number of film and TV shows. One film that made the most headlines as well as he captured the hearts of everyone as a hero was the film The Golden Harvest and Warner Bros Production’s ‘Inter D Dragon’. The film went on to gross worldwide and grossed nearly $ 200 million. This was his biggest success.

Bruce Lee personal profile

While studying at the University of Washington, he met Linda Emery, with whom he tied the knot in 1964. They had 2 children, one Brandon Lee and the other Shannon Lee.

Bruce Lee death

He fell suddenly on 10 May 1973, when he was dubbing the film ‘Inter The Dragon’ even after undergoing headaches and seizures. Immediately, he was admitted to the Baptist Hospital in Hong Kong, where he was diagnosed with cerebral edema.

Then on 20 July 1973, he was scheduled to meet James Bond star, George Lagenbai, for which he agreed and arranged a meeting with Raymond Chow and Betty Ting Pai on Letter’s Residence, which included the film ‘Games The script of ‘Death’ was to be discussed, which he wanted to make with Lagenbai. He complained of a headache and took a pan killer. He lay down to take a nap, and this was his last nap.

Bruce Lee achievements

Bruce Lee achieved the following achievements in his career.

  • After his death, he was named in Time magazine’s list of “100 Most Influential People of the 20th Century”.
  • In 2013, he was honored with the prestigious Founder Awards at the Asian Awards. The same year a statue of him was unveiled in Los Angeles in Chinatown.

Interesting facts about Bruce Lee

  • Lee was born in San Francisco.
  • Bruce Lee’s secret hobby was writing poetry and in fact he was also very good at it.
  • He was one of Hongkong’s most prominent child actors, when he was just 18 years old, by that time he had done 20 films.
  • Bruce Lee was also related to Germany, because his mother was from Germany.
  • Jackie Chan began his career as a stuntman from Bruce Lee’s films ‘Fist of Furry’ and ‘Inter the Dragon’.
  • Once asked who would win the battle to the death, Chunk Norris said – “Of course Bruce Lee, no one can beat him”.
  • Bruce Lee’s last film, Games of Death, also includes his actual funeral scene in which he was inside the coffin.

Bruce Lee quotes

  • Mistakes are always worth forgiving, if you have the courage to accept it.
  • If you spend too much time thinking about something, you can never do that work.
  • A wise person can learn a lot from the question of a fool, in comparison, a fool can learn nothing from the answer of a wise.
  • The key to immortality is to remember the first life.
  • To show off is the most foolish idea of ​​Glory.
  • Taking possession of anything starts in the mind.
  • Getting angry quickly will make you stupid too quickly.
  • Real life must live for others.