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Lifestyle Desk. Marilyn Monroe was also a model, actress and singer. She was one of the most famous women of the 20th century who was known for her beauty and success apart from her coolness. Many of his popular camera poses are still adorned on the walls. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential people in American culture. Raised in an orphanage, Merlin was once a very shy person who later became famous as a cool girl.

5 Points: Monroe’s journey from floor to hail

1- The pain of distance from your loved ones made you shy and shy

Merlin was born on 1 June 1926 to Norma Jean Mortensen. His mother’s name was Gladys Pearl Baker. He was named Norma Baker. For the first 6 years Merlin was reared by Albert and Ida Blander in Hawthorne, California, for the first 6 years of the mother’s mental condition. Later, the mother also tried to get Merlin back, but Merlin was not handed over to him due to a deteriorating mental balance. This was the reason that Merlin had to stay in many orphan ashrams as a child. The painful childhood had made him extremely shy and interfaith.

2- Married to neighbor, got a break during job in factory

In 1942, just after her 16th birthday, Merlin married her neighbor James Dogarty and became a duodenum. But she was not satisfied with her life. Her husband moved to the Merchant Navy in 1943 and the two soon separated. To earn money, Merlin worked at a local factory in Burbank, California. It was here that Merlin got his first big break. A press photographer at the time, David Conover was covering the factory to showcase the work of women. He was very impressed by Merlin’s beauty and photogenic personality and used his face in many of his photographs.

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3- Become a global celebrity and fashion icon

Merlin soon became successful in starting her career as a model. She also appeared on the cover of several magazines. 1946 proved to be an important year for Merlin. This year she divorced her husband and changed her name from Norma Baker to Marilyn Monroe. He began to learn acting and was soon offered his first film by Twentieth Century Fox. His early films were nothing special, but it was because of these early films that he got leading roles. Merlin became famous worldwide. She was now a Hollywood, glamor and fashion icon.

4- Married again in 1954, had dispute with production house

In 1954 he married a baseball star player, Jo DiMaggio. Merlin was now one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but his contract was still out of date. Due to this old contract, he was being paid less than other stars. She did not want to be typecast by playing simple roles in comedy and music. He was temporarily suspended by Twentieth Century Fox due to a dispute over salary and choice of acting. However, after some time, some of his demands were accepted and higher salaries were also given. He starred in ‘The Seven Year Itch’ in September 1954. The film attracted media attention.

5- The President had invited, health started deteriorating in the 60s

In 1955 he began his own film production, demanding more independence from Fox. In 1956 Golden Globe was nominated for Best Actress Award for ‘Bus Stop’ and also won Golden Globe for ‘Some Like It Hot’ in 1959. Meanwhile, his relationship with DiMaggio deteriorated. Merlin divorced him and converted to Judaism by marrying Arthur Miller. His health began to deteriorate in the early 1960s. He is believed to be addicted to drugs. Marilyn Monroe marriage to Miller was severed. In 1962, he was invited to sing at the White House on President JF Kennedy’s birthday. In the same year, he died at the age of 36 from consuming an overdose of drugs.