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  • Name: Sydney Poitier.
  • Born: February 20, 1927, Miami, Florida, USA.
  • Father: Reginald James Poitier.
  • Mother: Evelyn Poitier.
  • Wife / Husband: Juanita Hardy, Joanna Shimkus.

Early life

In 1964, Sidney Poitier became the first Bahamian to win an Academy Award for Best Brave and Best Actor, and for his role in Field’s Lilies as a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. The significance of these achievements was enhanced in 1967, when he starred in three successful films, all of which dealt with issues related to race and caste relations: with Sir, with love; in the heat of the Night; And guess who’s coming to dinner, making him the top box office star of that year. In 1999, the American Film Institute named Poitier among the Greatest Male Stars of Classic Hollywood Cinema, ranking 22nd on the 25th list.


Poitier has directed several films including A Piece of the Action, Uptown Saturday Night, Let’s Do It Again with Bill Cosby; Go Crazy, starring Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder; And Ghost Dad, also with Cosby. In 2002, eighteen years after receiving the Best Actor Award, Poitier was selected by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to receive the Academy Honorary Award, recognizing “notable achievements as an artist and as a human being” To give.

Poitier was born prematurely in the United States, while his parents were moving from the Bahamas. While some references give his birth year as 1924, most sources, including Poitiers, indicate that he was born in 1927. He grew up in Cat Island, Bahamas, and returned to the United States as a teenager, where he entered the United States and served a brief stint in the military and a medical unit during World War II.

Upon his discharge, he applied to the American Negro Theater (ANT) in New York City. Denied a place due to his accent, he practiced the American proclamation while listening to the pronunciation of radio voices and re-enforced ANT six months later. This time he was accepted, and he began studying acting, appearing on a series of ANT productions. In 1946 he made his Broadway debut in Listista.

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At 18, he went to New York, did menial jobs and slept in a bus terminal toilet. A brief stint in the military as an employee at a veteran’s hospital was followed by more monthly jobs in Harlem. An impulsive audition at the American Negro Theater was so forcefully rejected that Poitier devoted the next six months to overcoming his accent and execution ineptitude. On his second attempt, he was accepted. He was seen at a rehearsal and was given a small part in the Broadway production of “Lististrata”, for which he received excellent reviews.

By the end of 1949, he had leading roles on stage and Daryl F. in the film No Way Out (1950). The choice was to choose between offering to work for Zanuck. Poitier’s performance as a doctor treating a white bigot led to him receiving a lot of information and creating more roles, each considerably more interesting and prominent than most African American actors of the time.

In 1972, Poitier compared Belfonte in Western Buck and Columbia Pictures with the publicist. After an argument with the film’s director, Sidney Poitier took over; Although he and Belfonte urged Columbia to hire another director, a studio official saw the footage and Potier encouraged him to finish the film himself.

Sidney Poitier went on to direct three features starring comedian Bill Cosby (1937–) in the 1970s: Uptown Saturday Night, Let’s Do It Again, and A Piece of the Action. He also worked on the comedy Ghost Dad (1990), which was a disaster. Poitier also directed the hit comedy Stir Pagal (1980), as well as several other features.