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Denzel Hays Washington, Jr. (born 28 December 1954) is an American actor, screenwriter, director and filmmaker. He has played real-life characters since the 1990s, such as Steve Biko, Malcolm X, Rubin Carter, Melvin B. Tolson, Frank Lucas and Hermann Boon have received critical acclaim for their work in films, including portrayals of personality.

Early life

Denzel Washington was born in 1954 in Mount Vernon, near New York City. His mother, Lenis “Lynn”, was the mistress and operator of a beauty parlor, who was born in Georgia and raised partly in Harlem. His father, Reverend Denzel Washington, Sr., was an appointed Pentecostal minister and also worked for the water department and a local departmental store, “S.Clean”.

Despite this, Washington graduated from Fordham University in 1977 with a B.A. in drama and journalism. Has received the title of. At Fordham, he was instructor P.J. Collegiate basketball played as a freshman guard under the guidance of Carlesimo.

The career

Washington spent the summer of 1976 in St. Mary’s City in southern Maryland, acting in the Summer Stock Theater in Maryland’s state drama, Wings of the Morning. Shortly after completing his graduation from Fordham, Washington began his professional acting career in 1977 with the television-produced film Wilma. He made his acting debut in films from the 1981 film Carbon Copy.

He became a major success when he starred in the television popular hospital drama, St. Elsewhere, from 1982 to 1988. He was one of the few actors to appear in the series throughout its telecast for six years. Various minor roles on television, films and theater, such as “Carbon Copy” in 1981, A Soldier’s Story “in 1984,” Hard Lessons “in 1986, and” Power “in the same year, followed by Washington in 1987 in Richard Attenborough’s Cry Freedom Apartheid Played.

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In the same year, he appeared in For Queen and Country, as the struggling and ill-fated Rubin James, a British soldier born in the Caribbean who turns to a life of exaggeration and violence when he returns to civilian life after a distinguished military career abroad. Performed a strong act. The same year he also appeared in the film “The Mighty Quinn”.

private life

The couple have four children: John David (born 28 July 1984), who signed a football contract with the St. Louis Rams in May 2006 after playing college football at Morehouse] Catia (born November 1987), who attended Yale University Studying and twins Olivia and Malcolm (named in honor of Malcolm X) [16] (born 10 April 1991). Malcolm is studying at the University of Pennsylvania, where he plays for the basketball team. In 1995, the couple renewed their marriage in South Africa with matrimonial vows, with Archbishop Desmond Tutu performing the ceremonials.

Washington and his family met soldiers at Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. Later he made notable donations to small hotels, Fisher Houses, which provided rooms for their families while the soldiers were kept in the hospital Washington is a devout Christian.

Colombia’s Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia named Denzel Washington one of three individuals (the others were directors Oliver Stone and Michael Moore), with whom they were to negotiate the release of those three defense tenderers.