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Zohra Sehgal (24 April 1912 – 10 July 2014) was an actress in Hindi films.

Zohra Sehgal’s real name was Sahibzadi Zohra Begum Mumtaz Ullah Khan. He was born in a Sunni Muslim family. At the age of just seven, a cataract snatched the light off his left eye. His nature was rebellious. The dance of the famous dancer Uday Shankar, held in Dehradun, inspired him. After graduation, she joined Uday Shankar’s dance troupe and traveled from place to place. During this journey, he married Kameshwar Sehgal, eight years younger than him.

The field of work

After the untimely demise of her husband Kameshwar in 1959, Zohra moved to Delhi and became the director of the newly established theater academy. In 1962 she went to London on a drama scholarship where she met Indian-origin Bharatanatyam dancer Ram Gopal and started teaching Udayashankar style dances in 1963 at her school in Chelsea. It was here that he got the opportunity to work on the BBC in 1964 in the story of Rudyard Kipling. This was his first role on British television. Later, Prithvi joined the theater, worked there for a salary of four hundred rupees. Her association with theater continued and she joined the left wing ideology-inspired theater group IPTA.

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In 1946, under the direction of Khwaja Ahmad Abbas, he acted in IPTA’s first film production Dharti Ke Lal and then in Chetan Anand’s film ‘Neecha Nagar’ in collaboration with IPTA. Neecha Nagar was the first film to receive a Golden Palm Award at the International Cannes Film Festival. Along with working in films, she also performed dance combinations for some Hindi films including Guru Dutt’s ‘Baazi’ (1951) Raj Kapoor’s Awara. He also directed and then directed some films. Zohra has amazing reasoning. He also has the ability to laugh at himself. One of Zohra’s sisters, Ujra, moved to Pakistan after the Partition.

Return to india

He returned to India in the mid-1990s and lived for a few months in Burdwan. During that time she acted in many films, plays and TV series. He composed poems for the first time at the Uday Shankar memorial organized by his brother Ravi Shankar in 1983, and soon took it up in a big way; She began getting invited to perform poetry on various occasions. He also went to Pakistan to recite verses for “An Evening with Pakistan”. His flourishing performances of Punjabi and Urdu became a role model.

In 1993, Ek Tei Nani, was first held in Lahore, with Zora and her sister Uzza Batt now living in Pakistan. In 2001 a performance was held at UCLA in its English version A Granny All Seasons. In 1996 she was very active in Hindi films in the roles of Dadi, such as high budget films like Dil Se, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Veer Zara, Saawariya, Cheney Kum She was 90 when she started filming in 2002. Chalo played the role of Ishq Ladaye, where he was the main central character of the film and Govinda played his grandson. In this film, Ishq Ladaye rode a bike and also fought with villains.

Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan Favorite Artists

Zohra Sehgal played the role of Amitabh Bachchan’s mother in the film ‘Chini Kam’ and worked with Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Veer Zara’ and ‘Dil Se’. Both these artists were very fond of Zohra Sehgal.

Kiran Sehgal said that she had difficulty in standing physically but enjoyed a lot in her work.

In 1945, Zohra Sehgal joined the Prithvi Theater and was involved for about 15 years. She used to respect Prithviraj Kapoor very much and considered him her mentor in the theater.

Cricket match enthusiast

Zohra Sehgal used to watch movies almost non-existent, but she used to watch cricket matches with great fervor. Due to weak eyes, during the cricket match, Beti Kiran used to constantly tell the score of the match to Zohra Sehgal. However, he did not have a favorite player.