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Dreams come with a price tag. A lot of struggle, uncountable time investment, step by step sacrifices, these are all part of the struggle of success, through which you reach the destination of your dreams. Sometimes the price is bigger than this. Many times you compromise your soul. Many times you take away someone’s right. It is just because you are focused on your own dreams and you do not see the importance of any person in front of it.

Saeed are so busy with your world that you cannot think of anyone other than yourself. Saeed succeed, then you turn around on a pleasant evening and you find that your journey is not spotless. You have also committed crimes in your journey. You were selfish, like yourself. At that time, sharing what you feel with the world is not a matter of everyone. Not everyone has the courage to demolish the image of their hero before the Jahanwalas. You suppress that feeling and go on living shamelessly. There are only a few people who have the courage to accept their shortcomings, excesses, and unconsciousness.

Saeed Jafri is one of those enthusiastic people. He overcame the injustice done to his wife Mahrunima at her hands.

Saeed Jaffrey`s Early Life

Saeed Jaffrey was born on 8 January 1929 in Malerkotla, Punjab. He did his primary education from Minto Circle School, Aligarh Muslim University. AMU had a huge hand in getting hold of their Urdu language. When he was ten years old, he played Dara Shikoh in a school play. He was bitten by the acting worm. At the age of 12, he was admitted to the Winberg Allen School in Mussoorie. From this school, he mastered British-accented English. In the annual pledge of this school, he continued to act and refined his skills. After that he completed his graduation from Allahabad University.

After independence, Jafri Delhi came in the hope that some of the cartoonists, writers or radio broadcasters would become. The auditor of the Announcer in All India Radio was also successful. He started his career as an English announcer. At that time, his salary was very low and he could not even afford a room in a place like Delhi. He spent several nights on the bench behind the office. A few months later, he, along with Frank Thakurdas and Benji Benegal, laid the foundation for Unity Theater. In this theater, he met Madhur Bahadur, who later became his wife and then X wife.

Jafari won the character

My first time with Saeed Jaffrey’s acting talent was in Satyajit Ray’s only Hindi film ‘Chess Players’. Hearing the stories of the bravery of his forefathers, Mir Saheb, forgetting to be brave himself, does not forget. Being in the same frame with an actor like Sanjeev Kumar, getting himself noticed is an achievement.

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That character of Mir Roshan Ali was like Taylor-Made for Saeed Saheb. He spared a new level of dialogue payment with his brilliant Urdu talufuz. There was both anger and pity on seeing Mir Saheb relying too much on his wife. He also received the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor for this role.

In the character of Sardar Patel in Richard Attenborough’s film Gandhi, he was very much frozen. Saw this film on Doordarshan. For many days, when Gandhi, Nehru, Patel were read in history, the faces of Ben Kingsley, Roshan Seth and Saeed Jaffrey revolved in front of the eyes. His characters in films like ‘Heena’, ‘Dil’, ‘Chashme-Baddur’, ‘Masoom’ will always be remembered.

Significant contribution to theater and Hollywood

Saeed was a highly respected name in the theater world. He worked in the works of Tennessee, Elliott, Oscar Wilde and Shakespeare. He was the first Asian actor to go on a tour of America to stage Shakespearean plays. Saeed Jaffrey also acted in many Hollywood films. In which films like ‘The Wilby Conspiracy’, ‘The Man Who Wooded King’, ‘Sphinx’, ‘A Passage to India’ were prominent.

He worked with Hollywood giants like Sean Connery, Michael Caine and Pierce Brosnan. Sayed Jaffrey created a record by single-handedly voicing all 86 characters of Vikram Seth’s novel ‘A Suitable Boy’ in the BBC program ‘World Service Series’. On 15 November 2015, he died of brain-hemorrhage in his London home.

The page of Saeed’s diary which is Siyah

He warned the world from his siblings, the Nadanis, about whom no one would have known without informing him. In one of his diary-entries, he wrote openly about the excesses committed at his hands with his wife Mahrunima alias Madhur Jafri. He confessed how unhappy he was with his first wife, Mahrunima, being a caring, homily.

Saeed Jaffrey loved the British culture very much. He tried to mold Mahrunima into the mold in which he suffered failure. At the same time, he became involved with one of his co-actors. After divorcing the marriage for ten years, he divorced Mahrunima. And then did not see it overturned for years. He got busy in his life after marrying Jennifer.

Many years later, one day, he saw the face of Mahrunima in an article printed in a magazine. This transformation of subdued, domestic Maharunima was nothing short of a surprise for him. He went to meet them. His children told him that his new father had filled the energy in Mahrunima. To live life according to his choice, the freedom that Saeed could never give to Mahrunima, that person made Mahrunima sweet by giving it easy. This form of love was unique to Saeed. In great despair towards himself, he writes,

“He never loved her, he always loved himself. And those who only love themselves, cannot love others. “

We can learn so much from a powerful actor, a great artist.