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Rajpal Yadav Born on 16 March 1971 in Kundra village, 40 km from Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh, and then got education up to class VIII from Shahjahanpur, and after that he got a degree from Shahjahanpur and went further to Lucknow. . Studying from Lucknow to BNA and then traveling from Delhi to National School of Drama (NSD) and from here to Mumbai i.e. from childhood to youth, was this but did anyone forget the past things of childhood?

Early Life (Career) 

Man-to-person is slowly introduced to himself, realizes his shortcomings and his qualities, and then we choose which other feet we want to extend. This introduction takes place in the journey from school to college. When did Rajpal ji get introduced to the inner artist or the actor, let us know some interesting things that Rajpal ji once told himself in an interview.

Rajpal Yadav ji used to participate in drama in schools many times in his childhood, as he used to study in newspapers as he grew up, in truth he never thought that he would act later as he studied. She was from the field of Biology and the Master who was her professor wanted to make her a doctor, but Rajpal’s tendency was from within that he wanted to go into a field in which he got a job. (Service) is not to be done.

When Rajpal Yadav was in Intermediate, he used to participate in his neighborhood whenever there was an Election, he would be Origiant by sitting at the booth and campaigning for the candidate he wants to win in the neighborhood. Lena has done all this, was also very naughty as a child, Rajpal Yadav ji.

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Rajpal Yadav himself says that I was looking for a direction in which the people are Filed in which I have bread, clothes, and houses, which have been taken up by the parents till now. When I will be able to stand on my feet, I will go to which field, I will be able to live my life with my responsibility.

Gradually, as time was advancing, Rajpal Yadav ji’s thinking was also progressing, he has an audience closing factory in Shahjahanpur, where he took admission and from there he received Die Sal training. . Then after that there is Croation Art Theater which is a very Stablish organization in Shahjahanpur, after joining this institution, Zarif Malik Anandan, who was the founder of this institution, got the training of art in the interest of his fellow, and to play small roles in it. He began to enjoy a lot in playing this role, he used to have more excitement in this work than in the other work, in this work there was a lot of happiness. Started thinking that this is not the work that I have to do in which I can move forward.

He moved to Mumbai to develop his art further and become his Career in 1997, after coming to Mumbai In the interest of Prakashjha, he got an opportunity to work in a serial which used to come on (DD) Doordarshan Television. The name of this serial was Mungeri’s brother Naurangilal (Mungeri ke Bhai Naurangilal).

Which was the sequel to a serial Mungerilal ke Haseen Sapne coming on this channel. Now Rajpal was the one who turned back and said that he went ahead and made his debut in Hindi films from Dil Kiya Kare in 1999. In his Paheli film he played the role of a school watchman, later got his thread in comic art, film stir, Garam He also returned to the audience in many films like Masala, Chup-Chupke, Hera-Pheri, not only in the comedic roles but he also played roles in the Man Lead (Actor) role which was very much liked in the film Wrestling, My Wife and She, Chandni Bar, Hello Hum Lallan is speaking, I want to be Madhuri Dixit, in many films, and have also been successful in the role of this Man Lead (Actor).

Personal Life

It is in the hands of Niyati (God) that we travel for someone and to make someone travel, then perhaps it is said that couples decide the top and the marriage is fixed on the ground, and this is the case of Rajpal Yadav Fits in life, Rajpal Yadav says that he had gone to Canada to shoot the film The Hero: Love Story of Spy, met a girl who had never heard of Shahjahanpur and neither When Rajpal Yadav ji had ever heard of Calgary, there Indo couple Rajpal Yadav and Radha Yadav met and both of them got married on 10 June 2003.

To whom Rajpal Yadav gives credit for his success, let us know:

Rajpal Yadav ji, who traveled from Dil Kiya Kare in 1999, has won his acting in many films like Mast, Shul, Jungle, Pyar Tune Kiya, Chandni, Anwar, Se Me Madhuri Dixit Chahte Hoon Chahte Hain, not only Navaja Rather, he has also got a thread, he gives credit for this success to his parents, Delhi, Shahjahanpur, Mumbai, his mentor, and his audience.

“Just as a tree laden with fruit does not tilt, it bends in the same way. His thoughts towards success are very clear, perhaps this is the reason that the ego of the wind did not pass down to Rajpal Yadav ji”

Rajpal Yadav has thought about success, let’s know

So there is no special difference between chingam and success. We have to enjoy the success as much. As much as we enjoy a chingam and when the chingam starts blossoming you, then spit it and the earthquake you are looking for in the new chingam will start to grow. On getting success, rejoice for a limited time of success and then come back again with a new energy. Who should succeed in the life of a person who can digest success?

10 Facts About Rajpal Yadav

  • Rajpal Yadav is well known in Bollywood films, which is known as a famous comedian. He is very famous and famous in Hindi films due to his comic role.
  • Born on 16 March 1971 in Kundra village, 40 km from Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh, she completed her studies in places located in Shahjahanpur and Lucknow. Rajpal completed his studies with a biology filed.
  • After taking training from Bharatendu Natya Academy, she took 1994-1997 training at the National School’s Of Drama (NSD) in Delhi and flourished her art. And in 1997, he came to Mumbai to make his career in Bollywood Hindi films.
  • Rajpal Yadav is also very interested in dancing, he wholeheartedly takes responsibility in whatever work he does, that is why today is a successful success, Rajpal ji is of a very simple nature, younger than himself. The elders respect everyone, that is why people respect and respect them with the same amount of love. Rajpal Yadav ji, who gives the status of mother to acting, has a wish that he never wants to leave his mother (acting).