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Who is Rekha ?

Rekha is an actress who is known to everyone by the film industry for her uncompromising identity. He started working in films very late in his life, but earned a lot of fame and fame in a short time. This is the evergreen Bollywood actress who is equally beautiful from the beginning of her career till date. As beautiful as it is, it works beautifully in films as well. Today’s generation considers them as their idol and many Bollywood actresses follow them. One of them is Vidya Balan, who considers them her role model. Another name is Priyanka Chopra who wants to be like him.

Millions of his fans are crazy, people die on one of its smiles, but behind that smile, a lot of pain is hidden. His life was very mysterious and his childhood was very painful. It is said that he has struggled a lot in childhood. And all the success they got was on the strength of their own hard work. In the nineteenth year of his career, he worked in a Telugu film Rangula Ratnam. After that, his journey in Hindi films was very difficult. He has acted in about one hundred and eighty films till now.

Rekha’s life introduction

  • Name Line
  • Real Name Bhanurekha Ganesan
  • Name Meaning (Name of) Seema
  • Other names (Nick Name) The Bollywood Queen, Madam S, Rekha ji
  • Date of birth 10 October 1954
  • Place Madras
  • Zodiac Sign
  • Age 66 years

Birth and Family Information

Rekha was born on 10 October 1957 in Madras. His father Jaimani Ganesan, who was one of the biggest actors of Tamil films. Her mother Pushpavali was also a big actress in Telugu films. It is a matter of nineteen nineteen years when his father, Jaimani Ganesan, met Miss Malini, his mother Pushpavali on the set of the film, and due to the love affair of both of them they thought of having a secret marriage, and in Tirupati, they both got married. Have done, which was not known to anyone. After two years of marriage, they had a daughter, whom they named Bhanurekha. But when everyone came to know that both of them had a daughter, rumors started flying that their child is illegal because no one knew about their secret marriage and people did not believe in their marriage.

His father was already married, his first wife’s name was Alamelu. Due to rumors, her father refused to accept her as his daughter and, she was deprived of her father’s love. Later they had three children, but their father did not openly accept their mother until then.

When her father was ten years old, her father’s relationship with Telugu actress Savitri was rumored, which hurt her mother, due to which her mother made her own separate house and started living with her children. But his financial condition had deteriorated a lot. When his father Jaimani Ganesan and Telugu actress Savitri gave their hit Telugu film in the sixties, their mother Pushpavali was very ill, but due to their father’s separation, their mother and children did not pay any attention at all.

Since it was very much related to her mother, due to her illness, she had to leave her schooling. At the age of only fourteen, she started acting for her mother’s treatment, for financial help. He did not choose to act like his parents, but he had to do this work, in which he had no interest in the beginning, but due to financial constraints, he had to do all this. In the beginning, they were harassed by speaking ugly and many names. Even then it continued to work and decided to go to Bollywood. To go to Bollywood, he did not even know Hindi, but he learned all this from the people who worked with him and moved forward. In this way, if we see, since childhood, they have seen a lot of suffering and suffered.


He was admitted to Church Park Convent School, but due to the ongoing stress at home, his education ended before he started and due to financial constraints he had to leave his education.

Personal Information

Rekha came to Mumbai at a very young age and the color of Bollywood in which everyone was painted was very different for them. He said in an interview that “Mumbai is like a very dense forest where everybody lives, it is very scary.” I am completely ignorant of this Bollywood world, I do not know anything as to the ways here, my own relatives and friends have taken advantage of me. If I ask myself why am I here, what is my existence here, here The age at which children go to school, play, have fun, live their childhood, I have come very far from that age. My childhood was lost. He told that at such a young age, it was very difficult to do makeup hairstyles, wear heavy ornaments, wear strange clothes / clothes, she used to cry every day, cursed, told herself that I am stuck, it is impossible to get out of it but Traveling is equally difficult.

Rekha’s Affairs and Controversies

It was such an artist, which had a million shortcomings, but with the passage of time, all those who had developed themselves had no answer. Due to which many actors turned to them. Some Pandit had told them that it will always be deprived of the love of the husband.

The list of their boyfriends is as follows:

  • First of all, this love was one sided by Naveen Nischal, this actor was in love with him, but he did not fall in love with Naveen Nischal, because it was more concerned about his career at that time.
  • The other was Vinod Mehra, a lot of romantic films were made for both of them, due to which the affection of their love started flying, which they said that we are very good friends and Vinod Mehra is nothing more than my well-wisher.
  • After this, his name was linked to Kiran Kumar, which was wrong.
  • Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha’s duo was superhit, their romantic movies were liked by people, both of them had very good chemistry. This had an impact on their real life as well and both of them started loving each other and this phase of meeting and meeting without informing anyone continued. When people started raising fingers, then Amitabh’s wife Jaya Bachchan was very angry with this and refused to work in films with him, since then no film has been released.

Rekha’s Marriage

In the year 1992, Vinod Mehra, who was his co-star, spread rumors of his marriage with her. But in an interview, he categorically denied that Vinod Mehra is only his well-wisher and a friend, nothing more.

In nineteen nineteen years, he married a very big industrialist of Delhi, Mukesh Aggarwal. She did not have this connection for a long time because her husband had committed suicide in London and wrote in the last letter that “no one is guilty of my suicide”. After this, they were once again looked at with suspicion and some people, considering them guilty, started looking at them with bad eyes and started saying bad things. This was a difficult time in his life.

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Rekha’s Career

This was his first film. In 1986, he worked in Rangula Ratnam. His first Hindi film in nineteen nineteen nineteen years, he made his foray into Bollywood. This is an evergreen heroine who has been working since the sixties and seventies.

Nineteen seventies-

In the seventies, he did not have much time to step into Bollywood, he used to have a lot of difficulty in speaking Hindi, but he worked very hard for it and proved himself. In the seventies, his Hindi film Sawan-Bhadon came, which was a super hit. His film made him a superstar overnight. And she became the hit heroine of this decade.

Some of his hit films in the seventies –

  • Mukadar ka sikandar
  • Sawan-Bhadon
  • Ghar
  • Mr. Natwarlal

Nineteen eighties

After a decade passed, they began to be counted among the well-known artists. Gradually, the attitude of the people changed and people started liking them, which was once called ugly, now it started to look very beautiful. In the early eighties, he did comedy films, in which he did his character very well, after this people started enjoying his films more. In the eighties, he had a film named Sundar, in which he played the character of a mischievous girl very well. He gave some such hits in this decade, for which he received many awards.

Rekha’s Net Worth

Rekha’s total assets till date are $ 40 million which means 25 billion rupees. Apart from this, he has assets of crores in many places in India, which he has given on rent. He also owns a crore bungalow in Mumbai, and superstars Shahrukh Khan and Farhan are his neighbors.

Rekha’s Political Career

In April 2012, along with Sachin Tendulkar, his name was also nominated in the Rajya Sabha and he was made a member of the Food, Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution Committee. After being a member of the Rajya Sabha, he was opposed by many leaders due to absence in the meeting. It was present in Rajya Sabha for only eighteen days out of a total of three hundred and forty-eight days.

The government has so far borne sixty-five lakh rupees on these, including salary and other expenses. According to daily attendance, about three lakh sixty thousand rupees have been spent on these. It was nominated in Rajya Sabha from 27 April 2012 to 26 April 18.

Rekha’s Controversies

There were many ups and downs in his life, due to which it was surrounded in many controversies. After this, it was engulfed in many controversies and this matter went on for a long time.