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Who Was Nirupa Roy ?

Mother is the most precious heritage in the world. Wherever the mother is, she fills our bag with happiness. When mother’s place is so important in every sphere of life, how could our Hindi cinema be deprived of it. There are many such actresses in Hindi cinema who have made the role of mother important in cinema. Dialogs like “Mein Paas Paas Maa Hai” have not become the most hit dialogues of Hindi cinema. Whenever it comes to empowering the mother’s character in Hindi cinema, the first name comes from Nirupa Roy, who brought the mother’s character to the top in Hindi cinema with her unmatched payment.

Today Nirupa Roy is not with us, but his memories and films are still alive in the form of films.

This is how the film came into the world

Nirupa Roy was born on 4 January 1931 in Balsad, Gujarat, into a middle-class Gujarati family. His childhood name was Kokila Ben. Nirupa Roy studied till the fourth. She was from a very lower-middle class family. At the age of 15, Nirupa Roy was married to Kamal Rai, who was a government employee.

His entry in films was done in a very unique way. Actually, because of an advertisement in a Gujarati newspaper, he got an opportunity to appear in films. The advertisement was for the search of actresses. He responded to the advertisement and was selected for the Gujarati film “Ranakdevi”. The film was released in the year 1946. In the same year, he also did the Hindi film “Amar Raj”. His hit film Do Do Bigha Zameen came in 1953. The film recognized him as a hit heroine of Hindi cinema.

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However, he did many religious films in the 1940s and 1950s, due to which people used to watch him with respect. Due to playing the role of Mother Goddess on the film screen, in real life, she used to associate her with the character of the screen. After this, Nirupa Roy started appearing in the role of mother of most actors and it was from here that she got a special image.

Nirupa Rai also created a separate chapter by playing the role of mother. She is still remembered as her mother due to doing more films with Amitabh Bachchan. His role in “The Wall” was truly amazing. This couple of mother and son, after this, whenever people came on screen, people gave them lots of love.

His role in Roti, Anjaan, Khoon Sweat, Suhaag, Inquilab, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Mard etc. was strong. Nirupa, who plays a film mother in Bollywood, was given the status of mother by superstar Amitabh Bachchan even in real life. He was seen supporting Amitabh Nirupa Roy in every happiness and sorrow. Nirupa Roy is still considered the finest actress of Hindi cinema.