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High tall stature, a seriousness on face, ease of voice and smile such that no one loses heart. Rishi Kapoor was loved by veterans like Dibakar Banerjee because of his gentle personality. We are talking about Naveen Nischal. He was born on 18 March. The date of his death is on the next day i.e. 19 March.

Who is Navin Nischol ?

The first thing one remembers is the name of Naveen Nischal. A song filmed on Kotwal became Naveen and Chor turned Amitabh, ‘Ja jaag bhaga ja, nah baba nahi’. In this song of the film Deshpremi, we see that Amitabh and Naveen Nischal are riding in the police jeep. Amitabh is wearing a police uniform. If you have not seen the film and are watching the surf song then you will feel that Amitabh is a policeman and Naveen Nischal is a criminal.

Whereas the reality is absolutely nauseous. Naveen and Amitabh are the policemen, have bumped into them during a swindle. Now they want to get rid of Naveen. They want that the new one somehow can be averted. This song stems from this comic situation.


Naveen Nischal started his film career with Forever Young Rekha. Saavan Bhadon was the first film of both Rekha and Naveen. Naveen had said in an interview that after the success in this film, he never had to look back. The story is of a rich family boy. Whose stepmother and sister dislike her. Many also try to kill.

The specialty of Bollywood is that the hero never dies. At the end of the film, the story takes such a turn that the stepmother Sulochana herself confesses her crime. If seen according to today’s era, there was nothing special in this film. But about three decades ago such films were kept on the head. Although this song of this film has been very famous.

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If we remember Naveen Nischal’s best films, the name ‘Dhud’ is inevitable in that list. Mud, made in 1973, was the finest work of BR Chopra. This suspense-thriller film made on Agatha Christie’s novel was quite successful in that era. In this film, Naveen played the character of Chandrasekhar, which becomes an accident on a misty day. For help, he goes to a nearby house where a corpse falls on his feet. And a gun named Rani meets the girl who tells that she has murdered her husband. The developments ahead are quite interesting. Watch the film for that.

We all must have hummed a song in that phase of life, when the worm of love is bitten. For something special “If you have met, then it seems, where you have met.” This sweet song has been filmed on Naveen Nischal and Priya Dynasty.

Let’s fast forward a little. Khosla’s Nest. Made in a small budget, but the film was successful. Fraud with a Fraudie. He has to sell the land that does not exist. Naveen Nischal has become NRI. Bapuji, who runs a theater group, has agreed to cheat him but is scared. Naveen Nischal had put that fear on the screen in the best way.

Naveen has worked with every leading actress of her time. Be it Rekha or Rakhi, Saira Banu or Asha Parekh. But like every actor, Naveen has also faced the bitter truth of the film world. He tells himself an anecdote.

He was going to the metro theater in the premiere of a film. In those days, a car named Impala used to be known by big people. Naveen was also going to reach the theater by this car. Outside the metro theater, all the journalists were waiting for big luminaries. As soon as Naveen’s car reached there, habitual journalists ran towards the car with their cameras. Naveen opened the car door and came out. On seeing them, all the cameras bowed down. The only reason was that Naveen’s films were not doing well at the box office for some time.

That moment of Naveen’s life often disappointed him.

Naveen`s has seen a lot of ups and downs not only in his career but also in real life. Naveen and his brother Praveen were arrested in the suicide case of his second wife Gitanjali. Naveen said that it was not his wife’s depression that was responsible for that suicide.

On 19 March 2011, Naveen was going from Mumbai to Pune. Celebrate Holi with your friends Gurmeet and Randhir Kapoor. Before she could meet Naveen died of a sudden heart attack. Naveen always wanted quick and painless death. These were his own words. God fulfilled his wish.