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Who is Mala Sinha ?

Today, an artist working in films is considered to be rich in versatility. Such artists are also showing Jauhar in their acting as well as in dance and to some extent in sigging. If we talk about the early phase of Hindi cinema, there were very few actors who had all these three qualities in them. One of these black men is Mala Sinha. Mala Sinha, who is fond of singing and acting since childhood, never did playback singing in films, but during the stage show, she kept her art in front of the public many times, which was highly appreciated by the public.

Mala Sinha is also counted among those Bollywood actresses who have come a long way in films and made their own identity. She came from Bangla films to Hindi films. Mala Sinha, who entered Hindi films with Badshah, did more than a hundred films. When Mala Sinha came to Mumbai to work in Hindi films, people had said that what would this Nepali nose-nosed girl do in Hindi films? But the success he got, he shut the mouths of those who made the fetters.

Childhood of Mala Sinha

Born on 11 November 1936, Mala Sinha’s father was Bengali and mother was Nepali. His childhood name was “Alda”. In school, children used to tease him by calling him “Dalda”, due to which his mother changed his name to “Mala”.

Career debut

Mala Sinha started her career as a singer from the Kolkata center of All India Radio and soon reached the silver screen through Bengali films. He worked as a child artist in the Bengali film “Jai Vaishno Devi”. “Loha Kapat” gained good fame in his Bengali films.

When Mala Sinha came to Mumbai to work in Hindi film, then talent like Nargis, Meena Kumari, Madhubala and Nutan were spreading their fire on the silver screen. Along with Mala, Vayjayanti Mala and Waheeda Rehman also came. It was a difficult task to make an identity among them all. It must be said that it is Mala’s miracle that she was a complete success.

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Mala Sinha came in front of the audience of Hindi film through the film “Badshah”. Initially, many films flopped. Film pundits questioned his future. Some do not hesitate to say that a face-to-face girl like Gorkha will not be able to walk in this world of glamor. Mala Sinha made a special place for herself on the strength of her hard work, dedication and talent, not caring about these sacrifices.

In 1957, the thirsty changed the fate of Mala Sinha. People still remember his performance in this film. After this, as time changed. In the film Jahanara, Mala Sinha played Shah Jahan’s daughter Jahanara beautifully. He did a double role in the film Maryada.

In the 60s, he gave many hits. His memorable films include Pyaasa, Phir Morni Ho, Ujala, Dharmaputra, Illiterate, Aankhen, Geet, Misguided, Deep Stain, Jahanara, Apne Hare Paraye, Sanjog, Blue Sky, New Light, Mere Huzoor, Dewar Bhabhi, Hariyali and Rasta, Himalayas In the lap, dust flower, karmayogi and life are remarkable.

Amazing ability

Actually, Mala Sinha had the ability to play all kinds of roles. This is the reason why every director at that time worked with him. Kedar Sharma, Bimal Rai, Sohrab Modi, BR Chopra, Yash Chopra, Arvind Sen, Ramanand Sagar, Shakti Samanta, Gurudutt, Vijay Bhatt, Rishikesh Mukherjee, Subodh Mukherjee, Satyen Bose made Mala a heroine.

Proficient in family roles

Mala Sinha played all kinds of roles, but she was very proficient in doing such family films, which women used to shed tears on seeing. This quality of acting made him a favorite of those South Indian directors, who were adept at portraying the cocktail family drama of Tear and Kahkoh. Among these South Indian directors, S.S. Vasan (Sanjog), B.R. Panthalu (Dil Tera Deewana), A. Bhim Singh (Flowers of Worship), Sridhar (New Light), A. Subbarao (Golden World), K.V. Vijayan (this relationship is not broken) and A. Trilok Chand (Babu) are notable. Mala Sinha played the role of a heroine with every famous hero of her time. There is hardly any hero who has not done a film with him.

End of career

Mala Sinha‘s first film came in 1954 and continued to work till 1985. After settling “Dil Tujhko Diya” in 1985, Mala felt that her age was reduced due to increasing age and lack of glamor. She did not want to appear in character roles like Maa and Didi. Therefore, he refused to accept such offers and took leave from films. In 1991, Rakesh Roshan was successful in getting him in front of the camera again in “Khel”. After this he did two films “Radha Ka Sangam” (1992) and “Jid” (1994), after which the films said goodbye.

Some of his special films are thirsty, dusty, kite, greenery and rasta, illiterate, misguided, Bahurani, Jahanara, blue sky, in the lap of the Himalayas, Baharan will still come, Mere Huzoor, Sanjog, 36 hours etc.