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Who is Madhubala ?

Actress Madhubala (February 14, 1933 – February 23, 1969) was one of the most beautiful actresses to perform in the Indian film industry. He has made an incredible contribution to the Indian film industry. Today in this article, we will tell you about the biography of Indian actress Madhubala. We will also provide you information about Madhubala’s works.

Madhubala`s Early Life

The full name of Madhubala’s childhood was ‘Begum Mumtaz Jehan Dehlavi’. Madhubala was the fourth child of her parents. Madhubala was born on February 14, 1933 into a Pashtun Muslim family.

It is said that a prophet told his parents that Mumtaz would earn immense fame and wealth, but her life would be miserable and she would die at a very young age. Read on to know the full life history of Madhubala.

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Madhubala was a symbol of beauty, whose charm was unbeatable. Even in the present generation generation, she is recognized for her beauty and work of films. Madhubala’s father’s name was Ataullah Khan.

Listening to the words of the Muslim prophet, he started living in Bombay (Mumbai) to lead a better life. Meanwhile, the family had to struggle a year.

Starting Career

Mumtaz performed brilliantly in her debut film Basant (1942). In the film Jewarbhata (1944), he played the lead role alongside Dilip Kumar. This gave him an opportunity to know Dilip Kumar.

Relation with Dilip Kumar

Madhubala and Dilip Kumar got a chance to connect with each other in the film Jowarbhata (1944). She started developing attraction towards Dilip Kumar and she fell in love with him. It is also said that Madhubala once sent him a letter with a flower, but Dilip Kumar reacted spontaneously and Madhubala wanted to marry him, but Dilip Kumar did not pay much attention to it and someone And married to.

Married with Kishor Kumar

Later, Madhubala`s married Kishore Kumar, a celebrity in the Indian film industry.


By regular examination, it was found that Madhubala had a hole in her heart. His illness was kept secret from the film industry. The doctors refused to perform her surgery because she was afraid that she would die during the surgery itself.

Doctors said that even if the operation is successful, she will not live for more than a year. Madhuwala died on 23 February 1969.