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Who Is Kangana Ranaut?

  • Name: Kangana Ranaut
  • Other name (Nick Name) Arshad, OTA (One Tech Actor)
  • Date of birth 23 March 1917
  • Place Bambala, Himachal Pradesh
  • Age 31 years
  • School DAV School, Chandigarh
  • College (College) Elite School of Modeling
  • Actup, model
  • Strength Self Confidence

The very beautiful actress of the film world whom everyone knows and her work has been appreciated. He has achieved a lot of success at a very young age. It does its work very honestly. They have always done something different, they did not like to work the same way at all.

The thing to learn from them is that whatever they thought in their life they did. He struggled a lot after that, if there is any hand in the progress that has been made, then his own. The time when she left home, when there was nothing to eat. Then they took this time by eating tea, bread and pickles. After hard work, she became a successful artist, whom everyone appreciated and received many National Awards for her work.


Birth or Family Details

He was born into a Rajput family in Bambala, a small place in Himachal Pradesh. His father’s name was Amardeep Ranaut, he was a businessman. His mother’s name was Asha Ranaut, who was a teacher. This was the second child of his house, he had a sister older than him, his name is Rangoli, and his younger one is his brother, whose name is Akshat Ranaut.

  • Father’s Name Amardeep Ranaut
  • Mother’s Name Asha Ranaut
  • Brother – One – Akshat Ranaut
  • Sister A – Rangoli Ranaut

Starting Life And Education of Kangana Ranaut

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful regions of India, where he was born. It was very beautiful since childhood, as beautiful as it was in appearance, it was as sharp and stubborn in nature. His mind was very sharp since childhood, but his studies were not in luck, due to which his father was very angry.

He got his initial education from DAV School, Chandigarh. It was very clever in studies since childhood, so their family had a desire to become a doctor, due to which there was more pressure on them to study, but it had spread to a subject in the twelfth and did not want to study further.

Kangana’s stubborn nature

It was very stubborn since childhood, never believed in anyone. Once in childhood, his father brought a gun to play for his brother and a doll for it, he also wanted the same gun that his brother had, so he never adopted that doll. She used to think what she used to do. After failing in studies, at the age of sixteen, he left his home and set Delhi on fire.

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Even after trying Delhi, they did not know what to do now. Why has she come here? This was a big question of his life. Due to this, a lot of problems were faced. Had to roam a lot in the initial phase, there was no understanding of what to do, where to be told. She then tried her luck in modeling and joined a modeling agency. Seeing his looks and stature, that agency made him a part of his agency. Shortly after, deficiencies were removed in all their work, due to which they left that agency.

Marriage of Kangana Ranaut

When she became a show stopper as a bridal in two thousand sixteen, the media asked her many questions regarding her marriage, in which she gave a direct answer that there is no such plan yet, but maybe in two thousand nineteen, I can marry

Kangana Ranaut Affairs

  • Aditya Pancholi – The news of his and Aditya Pancholi’s affair came to the fore for the first time after he stepped into Bollywood, while Aditya Pancholi was married and twenty years older than him. It is said that Aditya Pancholi also bought a house for them. Later, he denied this and also created a huge controversy, he made serious allegations against Aditya Pancholi, after a long time this dispute was over.
  • Study Suman – Two years after the dispute with Aditya Pancholi ended, in 2009, study son Shekhar Suman, son of a very famous celebrity, with whom he worked in Raj film, after a long time, he fell in love with Study Suman. Gaya and both of them had an affair, but this relationship did not last long and study Suman broke this relationship.
  • Ajay Devgan – After the relationship with Suman was over, he was added to Ajay Devgan during the shooting of Once Upon a Time in Mumbai in 2010. While Ajay Devgan clearly stated in an interview that Kajol for anyone who cannot leave his wife, he has worked with them only as a costar. Kangana admitted her mistake here that she wanted to join a married man, which is wrong.
  • Niklos Lafftree – This was a British doctor, the discussion of the affair of these two spread very quickly in the media. Niklos Lafftree was seen with him in many events and he also visited Mumbai many times to meet them.
  • Hrithik Roshan – While Hrithik Roshan was waiting for the Divorce with Suzanne Khan, Kangana, who was his costar, started spending time during the shooting of Krrish-3. Which he said that there is an affair, but Hrithik Roshan accepted it clearly. Which later he admitted that there is nothing more than just friendship.

Arrival in movies

After some time he had thought of going to films and first of all thought to improve his acting scale and there he joined a theater called Asha Chandra Acting School where he taught acting in three to four months.


Career of Kangana Ranaut

He left his home at the age of sixteen and started on a new career path. He struggled a lot in the initial days. His family never wanted him to become an actor and work in films, so his father never cooperated in any way. After much thinking, she modeled and with that she also took an acting class, in which she learned many nuances and made herself perfect in every way.

He started his film career with Gangster Movie. Their wish was that they did not sign every film quickly. All the films he worked in, his story was different in itself. He has given hits like Fashion and Queen to the film world which has been appreciated by everyone.

First Movie of Kangana Ranaut

He started his career with Gangster Movie in 2000. Chitrangada Singh was selected for this film. Later, when Chitrangada Singh refused, he was taken. It was a romantic thriller film, in which he acted with Emraan Hashmi and Shiney Ahuja. Anurag Basu was the director and Mukesh Bhatt producer of this film. It was his first hit film, he received the Best Female Debate Award at the Indian Film Fair Award for this film.