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Who is Jeetendra ?

Who does not know Jeetendra, the famous actor of his time, today is a TV and film producer as well as the chairman of Balaji Telefilms, Balaji Motion Picture and ALT Entertainment. He was very famous about his dancing style in his time and through this he attracted the attention of his audience towards his pictures. He also acted in around 80 South Indian films, mainly in Telugu films.

Birth, Family Information and Education

Jitendra’s childhood name was Ravi Kapoor, which he later changed. He was born on 7 April 1942. His father’s name is Amarnath Kapoor and mother’s name is Krishna Kapoor. His father used to work in imitation jewelry. He was a resident of Punjab.

Jitendra may have been born in Punjab, but he spent his childhood in Girgaum, Mumbai. At that time, he lived in a middle class locality in a building called Ramachandra. Even today, Jeetendra goes there every year at the time of Ganesh festival and refreshes his childhood memories. He did his schooling from St. Sebastian’s Goan High School in Girgaum with his friend Rajesh Khanna and after that he did his college from Siddharth College in Mumbai. It is a big deal that despite completing films, he completed his college studies at that time.

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Married Life

When Jitendra first met his wife Shobha, she was only 14 years old. After this, he completed his schooling and completed college and then started working as an air hostess in British Airways. When Jeetendra was trying to establish himself in Indian cinema between 1960 and 1966, his relationship started with Shobha, which lasted until 1972. Their marriage also took place in a very filmy style, on the morning of October 31, Jitendra informed his parents on the phone that he was going to marry Shobha in the evening on the same day.

Where did Jitendra’s parents to marry them after 1 week so that they could get married well by preparing for marriage. But due to the fear of postponing the wedding date and further, Jeetendra did not listen to them. At that time, Shobha’s mother was also in Japan, and thus Jitendra and Shobha decided to get married. In his marriage, Rajesh Khanna, Gulzar Saheb and Sanjeev Kapoor from the film industry also attended.

Food & health

Jeetendra and Shobha Kapoor have two children Ekta Kapoor and Tusshar Kapoor. Where Ekta runs Balaji Telefilm, Tushar is an actor like his father.

Jeetendra Career

Jitendra’s film career as an actor has been around for 30 years from the 1960s to the 1990s. The story of his arrival in films is very interesting. When he went to the film industry to supply jewelery due to his father’s business, he was liked by V Shantaram there, and being fascinated by his look decided to cast him for his film “Navrang”. Thus, he got his first chance in 1959 at the age of just 17.

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But he got success in 1967 through the film Farz. This season of the song Mast Baharo from the film Farz was his super heat song, in which his steps were liked by the people and in this song, the t-shirt and white shoes worn by him became his trade mark. After this, Jeetendra danced to more songs in films like Kanwarwa and Hamjoli.

He acted in about 200 Hindi films, apart from these there will be a few more actors, who must have worked in such a number of films at that time. Jitendra has worked in many films with Sridevi and Jaya Prada, popularly known as Hawahawai Girl. Some of the films made with him are Sanjog, Aulad, Mazal, Justice Chaudhary, Mavali, Himmatwala, Jani Dushman, Tohfa etc. Apart from this, he has also worked in a few Telugu films together, at that time his duo in Super Heat Jodi Was one. Apart from this, Jeetendra worked with Gulzar Saab in the film Parichaan, Kinara and Khushboo, some of the evergreen songs from these films are O Majhi Re, Musafir Hu Yaaro and Naam Gum Jaaye Gaye.


Earlier, there were not many awards functions similar to today. So at that time, Jitendra does not have the list of Best Actor or any other awards for his heat films. But we do know for sure that he was a famous artist of his time, and there would hardly be any artist who would have worked in films equal to him at that time. Below we are giving you information about some awards which have been received by Jeetendra.