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Who is Dev Anand?

The evergreen actor Dev Anand, born in Hindi cinema for nearly six decades, has spread the magic of his talent, performance and romanticism to a middle-class family on 26 September 1923 in Gurdaspur, Punjab. Dev Anand’s real name was Dharmadev Pishorimal Anand. He completed his undergraduate education in English literature in Lahore in 1942. When he reached Mumbai in 1943 to realize his dream. Then he had only 30 rupees and there was no place to stay.

After reaching Mumbai, Dev Anand rented a room in a cheap hotel near the railway station. Three other people also lived with him in that room who were struggling to make their mark in the film industry just like him. Dev Anand got his first break from Prabhat Studio’s film Hum Ek Hain in 1946.

However, due to the film flop, he could not make his mark among the audience. It was during the making of this film that he met Gurudutt at Prabhat Studio who was trying to make his mark as a choreographer in films at that time.

Dev also joined Bharatiya Jan Natya Sangh IPTA along with Chetan Anand. The credit of bringing Devananda and his younger brother Vijay into films goes to his elder brother Chetan Anand and Dev Anand, who reached Mumbai with the dream of becoming a singer, became an actor.

His first break as an actor was from the film “Hum Ek Hai” which flopped in 1946. Then in 1948, Stubborn proved to be his first hit. In 1951, his banner next film “Baaji” was directed by his friend Gurudutt which changed his fortunes.

Film journey:

He soon got a chance to work in Prabhat Talkies, a film Hum Ek Hain! And while shooting in Poona, he befriended the superstar of his time, Guru Dutt! After some time he got a big break in a film by Ashok Kumar!

After this Dev Dev played some roles which had some negative shades! When Raj Kapoor’s stray appeared, then Dev Anand’s rahi and thunderstorms were also displayed! This was followed by a taxi driver, which proved to be a hit!

Dev Anand-Suraiya love story:

In the year 1948, when Dev Anand was 25 years old, two more films of his were released – Phani Majumdar’s ‘Hum Bhi Insaan Hai’ and Girish Trivedi’s ‘Vidya’. The first film’s heroine was Ramola, who became her heroine in director Vijay Mhatre’s film ‘Stage’ in 1951. The Vidya film is important among them because in this film, Suraiya became Dev Anand’s heroine for the first time and the two fell in love on the same set.

The duo acted in a total of seven films till 1951 and during this time the stories of Dev Anand-Suraiya’s love spread like Nargis-Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar-Madhubala’s love, which till date have been repeated in the film magazines and columns The times are repeated. Suraiya was an established actress then.

Dev Anand’s second film Jeet with Suraiya came on screen in 1949. It was directed by Mohan Sinha, the father of the late actress Vidya Sinha. Shire, Sampla and Deliverance films were also screened in the same year. ‘Shire’ had Suraiya and Kamini Kaushal alongside Dev, Kamini Kaushal in Sampla and Munawar Sultana and Niruparaya in Deliverance. Suraiya and Dev Anand are unable to get married due to some hiccups, but their love is still discussed.

Dev Anand and politics:

Devanand Saheb, considered evergreen in the cinema world, had once ventured into politics as well. There was a chance of emergency in the country. In June 1975, when the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi announced the imposition of Emergency in the country, Devananda along with some of his friends in the film world strongly opposed it. Later, when the Emergency was over and elections were announced in the country, he along with his fans took part in the Janata Party’s election campaign.

Later he also founded a political party called “National Party of India”, but dissolved it after some time. There was a time when Devanand’s pot used to speak. Therefore, the height of his popularity cannot be imagined by today’s actors. Devanand, who has become a legend by his charm, has ruled the hearts of the audience for decades.

Death of Dev Anand:

The desire to always see his loved ones happy was one reason that took away Dev anand Sahab from the country in his last time. Devananda did not want his fans in India to see his dead face, so he decided to spend the last moment of his life in London. Har Dil Aziz This Azim actor died in London on December 3, 2011 at the age of 88, but his name will always be written in golden letters in the history of Bollywood.