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Who is Visvesvaraya ?

Vishwakarma of modern India, the great engineer Dr. Vishveshvaraya (Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya) was born on 15 September 1861 in the village of Chick Ballapur in Kolar district, Karnataka. His father Srinivasa Shastri was a high-quality astrologer, a virtuous physician and a pious creature. Visve was the second son of his second wife. Together, there were six brothers and sisters, four brothers and two sisters. His forefather Venkatesh Shastri received his family’s traditional education and took care of his father’s work in his village. Ramchandra Rao, the youngest brother, continued his higher education and later became a judge of the Mysore High Court.

Vishve (Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya) had his early education at the high school in Chikballapur. Meanwhile, the shadow of the father arose from his head, then went to Bangalore with his maternal uncle to his maternal uncle. Mama Sri Ramaiah was a servant in the state of Mysore. The young man Vishve got admission in the Central College of Bangalore for further education.

He realized his talent to Mr. Watts, the Principal of the college. He also contributed to the upliftment of this talented student. Through the efforts of the Principal, Visvesvaraya got admission in the Science College of Poona and got a scholarship. The subject of his studies in college was engineering. He worked tirelessly and in the year 1883 he got the first position in the Bombay University of Engineering degree examination. As a result, in 1884, the Government of Bombay gave appointment to Visvesvaraya to the post of Assistant Engineer.

Visvesvaraya Education

Vishweswaraiah, the lord of acute intelligence, learned his early education from the primary school of the village since childhood. Visvesvaraya studied in the middle and high school of ‘Chikballapur’. He had to go to Bangalore for further education. Faced with economic crises, he continued his studies with great effort by staying close to his relatives and acquaintances and teaching tuition to children younger than him.

At the age of 19, he earned his BA from Bangalore College. Passed the examination of first class. The principal of this college, who was an Englishman, was greatly influenced by the merits and qualities of Visvesvaraya. Due to the efforts of the same Principal Saheb, he got admission in the Engineering College of Poona. On the strength of his educational qualification, he obtained an engineering degree by obtaining a scholarship as well as securing the highest marks in the entire University of Mumbai. In 1875 Visvesvaraya joined the ‘Central College’.

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His maternal uncle took him to ‘Mudiya’, a high official of the Mysore State Government. Mudaiya had two young children. Visvesvaraya was hired to teach the children. He thanked his mentor. He started work immediately. Every day, he walked more than fifteen kilometers from his maternal uncle’s house to his college and Mudia’s house. Later, when he was asked the secret of good health, he said, “I have found good health by walking.” In his work, he found the ointment of all his difficulties. He gave aura to his work with honesty and integrity. This attracted the attention of Charles, the principal of Central College.

That special traveler-

This was at a time when the British were ruling in India. A fully packed train was going. Most of the passengers were British. An Indian traveler was sitting in a grave posture in a box. The traveler of dark complexion and medium stature was in simple costumes, so the British sitting there considered him foolish and illiterate and made fun of him. But that person was not paying attention to anyone. Suddenly the person got up and pulled the chain of the car. The speeding train stopped immediately. All the passengers started calling him good and bad.

After a while the guard also came and asked, “Who has pulled the chain?” The man replied, “I have pulled.” On asking the reason, he said, “I guess the train is about a furlong from here. The track is uprooted. ”The guard asked,“ How did you know? ”He said,“ Sir! I realized that there has been a difference in the natural speed of the car. I feel a sense of danger at the speed of the sound echoing from the tracks.

”When the guard took the person with him at some distance, he was stunned to see that the rail tracks were actually open from one place and all The nut-bolts are scattered apart. Other tourists also reached there. When people came to know that their life was saved due to the understanding of that person, then they started praising him. The guard asked, “Who are you?” The man said, “I am an engineer and my name is Dr. M. Visvesvaraya.” Everyone was shocked to hear the name.’

Major honors

  1. Sir’s title by the British Government
  2. University of Bombay conferred Doctorate in 1930.
  3. Awarded Bharatharatna by the Government of India in 1955.
  4. In 1961, at the age of 100, the Government of India issued a stamp in his name.

Timeline (Life Events)

  • 1860: Born in the state of Mysore
  • 1881: Gained first position in the examination of B.A.
  • 1883: First position in LCE and FCE exams
  • 1884: Joined the PWD Department of Bombay State as Assistant Engineer; Worked in Nashik, Khandesh and Poona
  • 1894: Served in Sukkur Municipality, Sindh
  • 1895: Water supply scheme prepared for Sukkur town.
  • 1896: Executive Engineer appointed in Surat city.
  • 1897–99: Assistant Superintendent Engineer at Poona
  • 1898: Visited China and Japan
  • 1899: Executive Engineer of Irrigation at Poona
  • 1901: Member of Sanitary Engineer and Sanitary Board in Bombay State
  • 1901: Evidence placed before the Indian Irrigation Commission
  • 1906: The title of ‘Saffron-i-Hind’ in recognition of his services
  • 1907: Superintending Engineer
  • 1908: Traveled to Egypt, Canada, USA and Russia
  • 1911: Companion of the Indian Empire (CIE)
  • 1913: Appointed the Diwan of the State of Mysore.
  • 1915: Knight Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire (KCIE)
  • 1927–1955: On the board of directors of Tata Steel
  • 1955: Honored with ‘Bharat Ratna’
  • 1962: Visvesvaraya passed away on 14 April 1962 at the age of 101.