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Who is Nambi Narayanan ?

The Supreme Court Committee was asked to submit suggestions on action against police officers from Kerala who have been subjected to mental torture due to Nambi Narayanan isro. . The committee has submitted the report. The Nambi Narayanan autobiography is again under discussion after this report.


  • Nambi Narayan was a senior scientist in ISRO, Jejusi was accused
  • Police arrested Nambi Narayan, allegations were false
  • The Supreme Court constituted a committee to take action against the culprits in this case


The Supreme Court has decided to hear next week in the torture case of ISRO Scientist Nambi Narayanan. In 2018, a High Power Committee was formed to investigate the matter, which has submitted its report. The committee headed by former Supreme Court Justice DK Jain was constituted by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court had constituted the committee on 14 September 2018 and asked the Kerala government to be given a compensation of Rs 50 lakh in the case of insulting Narayanan. This is the case of 1994. It is alleged that some confidential documents were handed over to people of other country. Scientist Narayanan was arrested in this case. The CBI later said in its investigative report that Narayanan had an illegal arrest and the then top police officers of Kerala are responsible for it. Tell you who is nambi narayan and what is the whole case…

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Was framed by the police in 1994

Narayanan was implicated by the Kerala police in 1994, when the state had a Congress government headed by K Karunakaran, another scientist D Sasikumaran was also implicated in the case. He was accused of leaking secret documents of space research to Maldivian women – Maryam Rasheeda and Faujia Hasan.

Supreme Court gave a historic verdict

The then Chief Minister had to resign
The matter had caught on a lot and the then Chief Minister had to resign. The Solicitor General in the Supreme Court said that the report has been filed and the matter is a matter of national importance. The Supreme Court said that this is an important matter but there is no need for immediate hearing, we will hear next week.

Big Relief For 2018

The Supreme Court on the police action against former ISRO scientist in 2018 said that human rights violated by taking him in custody and tried to tarnish his achievements. On 14 September 2018, the Supreme Court granted a major relief to Nambi Narayan, a former ISRO scientist who was implicated in a false espionage case in 1994. The Supreme Court had directed the Kerala government to pay a compensation of Rs 50 lakh to the erstwhile Scientist of ISRO in the case of mental torture.

Conspiracy to defame for no reason

The Supreme Court said in its judgment that there is no doubt that a scientist with a national identity has suffered humiliation due to this. He has been maligned without any reason. He was implicated in a fake case and kept in custody by the police.

There will be action on police officers!

The committee was asked to submit suggestions on action against police officers who have suffered mental torture due to Nambi. The committee has submitted the report and now further hearing in the case will be held next week.