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Who Is Om Prakash ?

Om Prakash (19 December 1919 – 21 February 1949) was a comedian of Indian Hindi cinema. He covered Howrah Bridge (1956), Dasha Lakh (1979), Pyar Kiya Jae (1979), Padosan (1979), Chupke Chupke (1985), Namak Halal (1972), Golmaal (1979), Chameli Ki Shaadi (1979), Shabkar (19) and starred in many successful films including Lavaris (1961).

Personal life

Om Prakash was born in Lahore on 19 December 1919. [5] His birth name was Om Prakash Chhibber but he later became famous only by the name Om Prakash. He joined All India Radio in 1937 at a monthly salary of 25 rupees. He was known as “Fateh Divas”, a radio personality and his programs made him popular all over Punjab.

He was rejecting people at a wedding one day when well-known filmmaker Dalsukh Pancholi saw him and asked to see him in his Lahore office. Pancholi gave Prakash his first break as an actor in the film Daya. He was paid only 80 rupees, but the film gave him the kind of recognition that would give him a means of livelihood for a lifetime. This was his first leading role; He did a minor role in a silent film, Sharif Badmaash. He followed his good work in Dasi and Pancholi Ki Damki and Aaye Bahar.

Soon after partition he moved to Delhi and then to Bombay (now Mumbai). Baldev Raj Chopra noted his talent when he was a film journalist and critic; He urged Prakash to pursue his acting career. He was sure that Om Prakash has the talent to prove himself a versatile actor. The actor initially had to struggle. He got his first break as a villain in a film called Lakhpati. This earned him acclaim and earned him roles in films such as Lahore, Char Din and Raat Ki Rani. During this phase of his career, he accompanied Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor with Sargam and Miss Mary, Bahar, Pehli Jhalak, Asha and Manmouji with Kishore Kumar in Howrah Bridge with Ajad Kumar and then in Tere Ghar Ki Azaad With Dev Anand. He was noted for his performances in both films despite the presence of powerful star personalities like Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar and Dev Anand. He had developed a style of his own, a genre that would take him to places and earn a big name in the world of film entertainment for the next forty years.

Omprakash soon became a household name. He was good in almost every character he played. He was a comedian, a family man plagued by problems, accountant, drunken, fallen due to bad days, villainous bad designs, jagged husband, old in love, hearty politician and older brother of heart. He categorized the characters with the same ease and some of the best directors had a role for him which he thought he could only play. His role in Gopi is still remembered, with some analysts believing that he supervised Dilip Saab.

Om Prakash was a versatile actor with 307 films. His comic performances in Howrah Bridge, Dillion (he won his first major award for this performance), Pyar Kiya, Padhosan, Sadhu and Shaitan, Dil Daulat Duniya, Chupke Chupke, Namak Halal, Golmaal and Chameli Ki are never to be forgotten. Can. wedding. His performance as the elder brother of Dilip Kumar in Gopi gave a new impetus to his career. He proved that he can play mature roles with equal ease and depth: Chacha Zindabad, Khanadan, Hariyali Aur Rasta, Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai, Husband Wife, Need Hamari Khwab Tumare, Mere Hamadam Mere Friend, Annadata, Ek Shriman Ek Films like Smriti, Doli, Chirag, Amar Prem, Aankh Micholi, Ek Haseena Do Deewane, Anurag, Zanjeer, Sagina, Aa Ghalge Jaa, Lofar, Roti, Julie, Khushboo, Lavaris, Bandish, Sharabi and Jasmine wedding.