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Anupam Kher is a Bollywood name that hardly anyone will be unaware of, although the characters of the main characters such as heroes or villains have not been much in their part in the films, but still they have left their acting impressions in every film. Anupam never got tied to any particular image in this film world, and he did justice to almost all types of characters. His dedication to acting makes him the first in line with the best actors in commercial films, Hollywood films and serials as well as on Indian theater in addition to character actors. Bollywood alone has more than 500 films in which Anupam has worked.

Anupam has always been active in theater, and still his play “Anything Can Happen” is one of the most liked plays across India, with platforms such as film, television and YouTube To be so famous is a big achievement in itself. Apart from this, Anupam also looks after the direction of direction and production and runs an acting school of his own. He has no direct relation with politics, yet Anupam Kher expresses his views openly like a responsible citizen of the country, who only brings him in the lime light.

Birth and education

Although Anupam Kher is a Kashmiri Pandit, but he was also born on 7 March 1955 due to his father’s job in Shimla. His father’s name was Pushkar Kher, who was working as a clerk in the forest department, while mother Dulari Kher was a housewife. Anupam has a lot of affection for his parents, which still keeps appearing on Anupam’s social media account from time to time. Anupam’s elementary education was a DAV from Shimla. It happened from school. He did his graduation from Punjab University, Anupam did his post graduation from the National School of Drama, apart from this he has also graduated in theater and drama.

Anupam Kher Family

Anupam’s family consists of mother Dulari Kher, wife Kiran Kher and Kiran’s son Sikander, whom Anupam has given his name, so Sikander also uses the Kher surname. The relationship between Anupam and Sikandar is not at all like that of a step-father-son, and Anupam has made an effort to bring his son to Bollywood. Sikandar is also an actor like Anupam and Kiran. Anupam’s second marriage to Kiran Kher, before he was married to Madhumalati, an arranged marriage, while Anupam had known Kiran since his college days, but before marriage both were only good friends. Apart from all this, Anupam Kher’s younger brother Raju Kher is also an established actor in Bollywood and Raju’s daughter Vrinda Kher is also in Bollywood.

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Anupam’s struggle and Inspiration)

Anupam had to struggle for a long time to get into films, Anupam’s days were passing very hard before he got the work of a person older than his age in a 1984 film. Anupam has also written a book, “The Best Thing About You Is You”, which is now available in Hindi, with the inspiration of his days. Anupam said at the time of the release of its Hindi version “Aap Ki Beside Hai” that “one must have a strong aspiration to achieve the best in that person to succeed” and in fact this book is a failure of every reader with their hard work Inspires to turn it into a success. Perhaps these things must have been a source of inspiration in his days of struggle in Mumbai, that there was a time when Anupam did not even have money to eat. In such a situation, Anupam was not disappointed and he also enjoyed the days of his struggle, about this, Anupam once told that he used his fair complexion, baldness and talent to imitate foreigners, for this he While going to any restaurant and talking like a foreigner, eating food in full and leaving without paying, people could not believe that Anupam is not a foreigner but an Indian.

Anupam’s Film Journey

Anupam did films like Ram-Lakhan in 1989, Dangerous in 1990, Anger and Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi in 1991. Then in 1994, Anupam’s film “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun” came, during which shooting Anupam got face paralysis, which is the most difficult watch for any actor, but Anupam did not give up, and with this it Completed the film and continued to work. In 1995, Anupam decided to open an entertainment company, which was opposed by Kiran Kher, but then Kiran started working back after realizing her husband’s desire and circumstances. This was followed by Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995), Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998), Suryavansham (1999), Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai (2000), Jodi No.1 (2001). Then in 2004 Bat-Bat Amritsar to LA, Tumsa Nahin Saw, Bet, Aabra Ka Dabra, Veer-Zara, Kaun Hai Jo Saapne Sapne Aaya and acted in films like Garvey. In this way, he made a distinct identity in each film with his acting and acting skills. Then came Paheli in 2005, I am like this, what is cool, we did not kill Gandhi, Jaan-e-Mana, where his best Hindi films were, the same year the English film “Gandhi Park” also got the attention of the audience. Pulled. Then in 2006 “for your sake, Khosla’s Nest,” Hope & Little Sugar “, marriage, Apna Sapna Money-Money, Shakalaka Boom-Boom, and in 2007 Budha died, Hey Baby, Cheat, Apna Akash, Something Sour- Kuchh Meetha, Laga Chunri Mein Daag, Journey of Woman, Gauri. Then from 2008 to 2010, Anupam’s films continued with Yuhi, whose main names are A-Wensday, The End Offline, Victory, Sankat City, Morning Walk, It’s a Missmatch, Tere Sang: A Kidlt Love Story, Life Partner, Dil Bole Harappa, Wake-Up-Sid, Pyaar Impossible, Striker, Apartment: Rent At Your Own Risk, Badass Company, Lamha: The Untold Story of Kashmir, The Desire: A Journey of Women. Yamla Pagla Deewana, Yeh Fasale, Game, Naughty @ 40, Aagah: The Warning, Right Business Wrong Band, Kya Super Cool Hai Hum, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Chashme Baddoor, Baby, Dirty Politics, MS Many films like Dhoni. And this sequence is still continuing this year, Aiyari has also garnered a lot of praise.

Anupam Kher As a Producer

Anupam has also tried his luck in the field of filmmaking and is ready for it once again, about which Anupam told at the trailer launch of his film “Ranchi Diaries” that there was a time in his life when he was a Was declared bankrupt due to the making of the film, Anupam said that he did not even have 5000 rupees then he did a drama “Anything can happen” which is completely based on his failure. Apart from this, Anupam said that he came to this city with 37 rupees and now he is the producer of the film, that means that hard work gets its goal. Anupam produced the film “Main Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara” in 2005, followed by a film coming in 2018, “Ranchi Diaries”, which is the second film in his production. Anupam produced the Bengali film Bariwali in 1994 and also with Tere in 2009.

Anupam Kher Awards

Anupam has worked in many films and TV serials in the country and abroad, there is no limit for the awards he has received, Anupam has won many awards from Bollywood to Hollywood.