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Who is Amol Palekar?

Before becoming an actor, Amol Palekar had made a permanent recognition as a director in the theater world. He did many new experiments in Marathi theater with the well-known director Satyadev Dubey. Later in 1972 he started his own theater group Aniket. He had made his mark as a director in theater before joining acting. Basu Chatterjee, Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Basu Bhattacharya used to come to see his plays.

In 1971, Amol came into acting with Satyadev Dubey’s Marathi film Shanta Court. It is said to be a notable film of Marathi cinema. In Hindi films, he made his debut in 1974 with Basu Chatterjee’s film Rajinigandha. The film was a success and then began their relentless journey. As an actor, he gave many memorable films like Chitchor, Gharaunda, Meri Biwi Ki Shaadi, Baat-Baat, Golmaal, Soft-Hot, Mr.-Mrs. He was seen representing the protagonist of middle class society in most of the films.

His comic films are still remembered by the audience. He is happy that he could work with the best directors and the best technicians of the film industry in his career. In 1981, Amol made his directorial debut in the Marathi film Aakrit. He has directed a total of ten Hindi-Marathi films so far.

Acting related relationship like this:

Amol Palekar’s girlfriends were interested in theater. When she went to the theater for rehearsal, Amol would wait for her there. In this connection, Satyadev Dubey caught sight of him in the theater one day. Dubey gave him the Marathi play ‘Shantata! Gave a break in the court. This play received a very good review. After this, Satyadev Dubey told Amol that now when people have taken it seriously, then they should take acting training. He trained Amol hard for the next play. In this way, the process of acting in plays has gone ahead.

Amol Palekar is going to stay away from the flutter from the beginning. He also refused to give autographs. His younger daughter used to scold him for this as well. Amol did two weddings. The first wife, Chitra Palekar, had a daughter Shalmali. She currently teaches at a university in Australia. She named the daughter of Sandhya Gokhale, Sameeha. He has studied law and after ten years of practice in New York, nowadays, performs social service.

Amol Palekar’s film journey:

Amol Palekar started his film career with a Marathi film. After this, in the year 1974, he got an opportunity to work in Basu Chatterjee’s Rajnigandha and after that he was considered a mirror of the common man. He portrayed comedians in most of the films which reflected the mood of the common man. Some of his highly successful films include Golmaal, Soft-Hot, Gharaunda, Bait-Baat, Chhoti Baat etc. He was also awarded the Filmfare Best Actor Award for the film Golmaal.

Not only acting, Amol Palekar also made many films as a director, including many films like Kachhi Dhoop, Nakab and Paheli, which received much acclaim across the country. Although he did not get much media hype but the success of his films tells his story. He stood as a major artist in parallel cinema. The special feature of his acting was that he always presented himself as an ordinary hero on the screen.

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Amol Palekar made his debut in 1974 with the film ‘Rajnigandha‘. After this, two of his films ‘Chhoti Baat‘ in 1975 and ‘Chitchor’ were screened in 1976. All three films celebrated the Silver Jubilee in Mumbai. Amol Palekar started his career from the Marathi stage. Amol, a successful actor and director, was born on November 24, 1944 in Bombay (now Mumbai) and there was J.J. Studied from School of Art. Along with studies, there was a trend towards theater as well. Apart from struggling for a career in theater, Amol was also working as a clerk in a bank.

Amol Palekar started acting in 1971 with Satyadev Dubey’s Marathi film Shanta Court Chalu Ahe. The success of his first Hindi film ‘Rajnigandha’ brought him many low-budget comedy films along the same lines. Basu Chatterjee and Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s’ Chitchor ‘(1976),’ Chhoti Baat ‘(1975) and’ Golmaal ‘(1979) were successful comedy films of the’ 70s. Amol Palekar, a strong and mildly tickling fit in all roles, quickly became a well-known name in the cinema world. Bhimsen’s ‘Gharaunda’ (1977), Shyam Benegal’s ‘Bhumika’ (1976) and Kumar Sahni’s ‘Tarang’ (1984) show Amol’s multi-faceted art image.

Also directed with acting:

Amol was a good actor and a good director as well. His first film directed was Marathi-language ‘Aakriet’ (1981). He also acted in this film. The acting of a psychopathic person who commits murders was a challenging role. His first directed Hindi film was Anakhi (1984). Subsequently, he directed successful critical films such as ‘A Little Romantic Ho’ (1989), ‘Daiara’ (1996) and ‘Carrie’ (2000) respectively. Along with the big screen, he also directed serials like ‘Kachcha Dhoop’ and ‘Naqab’ for the small screen. Scope, Anahata, Carrie, Parallel, Paheli, Aks are special in every look of creativity. Language, country, culture do not consider the division of cinema on any basis.

Honours and awards :

Amol Palekar received many awards and accolades for his outstanding acting and direction. These include the first National Film Award for the film ‘Daira‘ (1996) and the National Film Award for Best Film for ‘Kal Ka Man‘, directed in the field of family upliftment. In addition, Amol also received the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for his role in ‘Golmaal‘.