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Who Is Amjad Khan?

Amjad Khan was born in Lahore in 1943 (before partition). He was the son of well-known actor Jayant in Indian films. His first film as an actor was “Sholay” and the film was given to Amjad Khan due to Shatrughan Sinha, in fact the role of Gabbar Singh of Sholay was given to Shatru at first but refused because of timeliness. Amjad Khan got this role.

Before joining the acting world, Amjad was working as an assistant director with K. Asif. Along with working as an assistant, he faced the camera for the first time and after K. Asif’s film “Love and God”, Amjad Khan made a Pakistani pilot in Chetan Anand’s film “Hindustan Ki Kasam” Of the role | Both of these roles were such that neither the audience remembered nor Amjad Khan himself. Ultimately, it is considered “Sholay” as Amjad’s first film.

Apart from Sholay, Amjad Khan (Amjad Khan) made “sacrifice” “love story” “charas” “we are no less than anyone” “denial” “upbringing” “chess players” “des-pardes” “dada” “Ganga’s Saugandh” “” Kasme-vaade “” Muqaddar ka Sikandar “” Unclaimed “” Our yours “” Mr. Natwarlal “” Suhag “” Kalia “” Ladies Tailor “” Naseeb “” Rocky “” Torture “” Emperor “” Rebellion “” Satte pe “Memorabilia” “Jyot”, “Himmatwala” etc. in memorable films Amjad Khan was away from alcohol and other bad habits

Also directed

Amjad Khan played mostly negative roles in his long career. The audience loved to see him as a villain in front of stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra and he was the star villain. In addition, he played character and comedic roles in some films, including Chess Players, Dada, Qurbani, Love Story, Yarana. He also tried his hand as a director. He made two films named Chor Police (1983) and Amir Aadmi Garib Aadmi (1985), but after his failure he never directed the film again.

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Father considered master

Amjad attributes his success and the career of the actor to such a height to father Jayant. Giving father the status of a guru, he said that he has learned more from his father than the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art teaches his students. Even if he had taken admission in the National School of Drama, he would not have got this much education. His father kept telling him mantras of acting till the last time.

Generous amjad

Amjad, who showed villainous attitude on screen, was a very generous and peace loving person in his personal life. Amitabh Bachchan had told in an interview that Amjad was a very kind person. Always willing to help others. If the filmmaker had a shortage of money, he would not have helped or taken his remuneration. He was very fond of making new jokes and narrating them. He often used to call Amitabh and recite jokes.

Amjad Khan Death

Amjad was badly injured in a car accident. We were going to a location in connection with the shooting of a film. At such a time, Amitabh Bachchan helped him a lot. Amjad Khan started recovering fast. But due to the use of the medicines given by the doctors, their weight and obesity increased so fast that they started to feel difficulty in walking and acting. By the way, Amjad believed himself to be the cause of obesity. He told in an interview that- “Before the release of the film ‘Sholay’, he had told Allah that if the film was a good hit, he would stop working in films.” The film became a superhit, but Amjad continued to work, not fulfilling his promise. The one above punished him as obese. Apart from this, he was also fond of tea. They used to drink up to ten cups in an hour. They also became victims of diseases. On 27 July 1992, he suffered a heart attack and the roaring Gabbar slept forever. Amjad had drawn such a long line for the image of the villain of Hindi cinema that till today no one has made a bigger line than that.

Starring Dimple Kapadia and Rakhi, the film ‘Rudali’ was Amjad Khan’s last film. In this film, he played the role of a Thakur who arrived in a dying situation, whose life does not come out. Thakur knows that his family will not cry over his death. So he summons a weeping Rudali with money to celebrate mourning and cry.