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Who is John F. Kennedy?

John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States who had held office since 1961, during which he was assassinated in 1963. Kennedy took over as commander of the Motor Torpedo Ships during World War II in the Army, representing the 11th District of Bitch Massachuset, 1947–1953. After this he worked in the American Senate from 1953–1960.

John F. Kennedy President

Kennedy later defeated then-Vice President Richard Nixon in the 1960 presidential election and became the youngest President at the age of 43, after Theodore Roosevelt. He was also the first President of the 20th century. Incidents during his rule include the acquisition of the Bay of Pigs, the difficulties of the Cuban missile, the construction of the Berlin Wall, the space race, the African American human rights movement, and the beginning of the Vietnam War.

John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. Lee Harvie Oswald was charged for this crime, but before he could be prosecuted, he was shot and killed by Jack Ruby just two days after the charge. Today Kennedy ranks the highest number among former US presidents in public opinion ratings.

He worked on the policy of overthrowing Fidel Castro’s government in the race to build a non-communist government in Cuba, advancing the plan of the last President Eisenhower. This led to the Soviet Union’s John F. Kennedy of the Soviet Union considering it a weak leader and in 1962, put on nuclear weapons. Cuban Missile also became chalk.

For thirteen days, the world stood at the cusp of nuclear war, and after much struggle, the last Soviet leader Krushchev agreed to step back and somehow survived the credibility of Kennedy. The race started in space and sparked the Vietnam War. These events influenced the entire world.

During Kennedy’s tenure, Cuba has had a range of events ranging from the missile crisis to the Project Apollo of space, the construction of the Berlin Wall, the African-American civil rights movement and the intervention of Americans in the Vietnam War. He was quite infamous for his relations with women. From White House interns to famous actress Marilyn Monroe, she has a very personal relationship with all the women. Next we are going to tell some of those women, from whom Kennedy has suffered notoriety.

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Cold War and Cuban Missile Crisis:

The US had targeted missiles in Italy and Turkey, targeting Soviet Russia. In 1961, he unsuccessfully attempted to overthrow the Communist government of Fidel Castro in Cuba. Cuba got support from Soviet Russia.

John F. Kennedy immediately called an emergency meeting. American strategists planned to destroy that place by air attack on Cuba. But Kennedy wanted to proceed with caution. He disclosed this six days later, on October 22, in his address to the country. After this, the US retaliated and laid siege to Cuba. Russia got upset with this.

He gave him the status of war proceedings. A few days later, Cuba fired a Russian missile and killed the American plane. The whole world stood at the mouth of nuclear war. American sailors surrounded those submarines in their maritime range and forced them to come to sea level.