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Who Is Michael Dell?

Michael Dell, the founder of the world’s leading computer company “Dell Technologies”, started brainstorming from his childhood when he started investing at the age of 10 and by the time he was 12, he started to invest in 2000. Saved the dollar and the extent was reached when by the age of 14, his income was more than his school teacher.

A boy named Michael was born in Houston, USA. After school, he joined the University of Texas to study biology. The parents wanted their promising son to become a doctor.

The parents also brought him a computer at the age of 15. Michael had a keen interest in computers. Michael found the computer to be more exciting. Michael’s mind started racing in how the computer worked. Parents also found it strange to do Michael’s.

After opening the computer of one company, Michael bought the computer of another company and also opened it and saw it. The race rang.

Michael understood how computers work. And then Michael started making computers in his own university room in 1979 from the students who earned a lot of money by selling postage stamps and newspapers. He also made a computer. Michael started the company and named PC “H Ltd.”

Dell believed in selling computers directly to customers, so his computers were cheap. Then he also took care of the convenience of the customers. So both his tricks and business went on. In 1973, Michael changed the name of the company and gave it a new name – Dell Computer Corporation. Slowly the business grew, as people liked the way Michael Dell worked. When Michael was 24 years old, his company was famous worldwide.

The company sold $ 6 million in its first year, which rose to $ 34 million the following year. By 1987, Dell became America’s leading mail-order company. In the same year, the company also entered foreign markets.

The notable thing was that Michael Dell had only $ 1000 in capital when he founded Dell Computer Corporation. Starting a computer business in such a small capital was no laughing matter. However, Dell thought that if they made computers on order, they would not have to deal with any problem of inventory.

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One advantage of making computers on order was that it reduced the role of middleman. As a result, the customer got the computer cheaply, Dell’s costs came down and their profits went up.

Low cost and high profits are the foundation of a successful business. Dell Computer progressed at an annual rate of 80 percent in the first eight years. By 2000, its annual revenue was $ 27 billion. When the Internet era began, Dell took advantage of it immediately and started selling online. Dell said – for us the Internet is like a dream.

Dell started e-commerce in 1996. By 2000 – $ 50 million was sold every day. Today more than half of the company’s sales are through the Internet.

Brand your name

The first success of small business boosted Michael Dell’s confidence so much that in 1988 he took the bold decision to brand his name. He got PC Computers Ltd registered as Dell Computers and collected $ 80 million through a public issue. Dell Computers business grew so much in the next four years that in 1992, Michael Dell was declared the youngest (27 years) founding CEO of a company that was one of the 500 largest companies in the world. In 1996, he launched servers, entered the real estate sector and started making home entertainment systems and personal devices. In 1998, with the intention of earning maximum profits on his and his family’s investments, Michael Dell founded MSD Capital and began trading in shares and securities, transactions in private equity and in the real estate market.

Michael Dell opened up offices in New York, Santa Monica and London and handed him over to professionals and became a watch dog himself and began to get away from daily activities. According to him, in every business that I have done, I have given priority to efforts to serve customers online better. Those who run at high speeds often crash. While Michael Dall paid $ 4 million in penalties in 2010 for half-baked information to investors and for an accounting flaw, the Michael Suzanne Foundation, founded by him, spent billions of dollars on the education and health of children from all over the world, especially the United States and India. Has been doing.