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  • Name: McKenzie Bezos.
  • Born: 7 April 1970, San Francisco, California, U.S.
  • Father: Reginald James Poitier.
  • Mother: Evelyn Poitier.
  • Wife / Husband: Juanita Hardy, Joanna Shimkus.

Who is MacKenzie Scott ?

MacKenzie Scott Tuttle was born in San Francisco, California on April 7, 1970 to a financial planner father and a homemaker mother. In 1988, he graduated from Hotchkiss School in Connecticut. Bezos earned his bachelor’s degree in English at Princeton University in 1992.

Early life

He studied under writer Tony Morrison, who stated that Bezos was “one of the best students ever in my creative writing classes.” While both she and her husband attended the same university, they did not meet until they both moved to New York.

MacKenzie Scott Bezos was born McKenzie S. Tuttle on April 7, 1970 in San Francisco, California, USA. His father was a financial planner and his mother was a homemaker. He did his high school from Hotchkiss High School, Connecticut, from where he graduated in 1988.

As a child she loved writing literature and stories. His parents encouraged him by giving him the best education for anyone who wanted to pursue journalism. His first foray into writing was at the age of six when he wrote a 142-page manuscript book he called ‘The Book Worm’.

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She went on to do her bachelor’s degree with honors in English from Princeton University in 1992. She was one of the brightest students in the class of renowned novelist Tony Morrison and excelled in creative writing. According to Tony Morrison, McKenzie was the best student in his class.

MacKenzie Scott began her career at her college as a research assistant to Tony Morrison. It took him ten years to publish his first book, ‘The Testing of Luther Albright’. Along with her career, she was also assisting her husband to set up Amazon.com. As his first book earned great recognition, McKenzie launched his second book, ‘Traps’, in addition, he has also written a review on the book ‘The Subvers Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon’.

In 2014, he founded the ‘Bystander Revolution’, an anti-bullying organization. On the organization’s website, there are several videos of students, celebrities and experts talking about how to deal with bullying. In addition, his novel ‘The Testing of Luther Albright’ was also named the ‘Los Angeles Times’ Book of the Year.

He has published the following two novels: The Testing of Luther Albright (2005); The Trap (2015). She has said that she uses her husband as a personal editor and is always the first person to read her work. In 2014, he established the Bystander Revolution charitable foundation. The foundation operates as an anti-bullying organization and is quite passionate about this work. She serves as the foundation’s executive director. In 2015, her and Jeff donated $ 2.5 million dollars to help legalize gay marriage.

One of the famous novelist, activist and wife of Jeff Bezos has amassed a huge amount from his multi-professional career. With her husband Jeff, McKenzie, they are one of the richest couples. As of 2018, Jeff net worth is estimated to be $ 127 million.

Similarly, he is not so active in social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. However, her husband is active in these sites. He has amassed 622k followers on Twitter and over 537k followers on Instagram.