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Who is Larry Ellison?

Larry Ellison full name is Lawrence Joseph Ellison. He is an American business entrepreneur and philanthropist, co-founder executive chairman and chief technology officer of Oracle Corporation of the Sun (1977–2014). As of June 2018, their total shortfall was US $ 59 billion.

Early life

Larry was born on 17 August 1944 in Mexico. His mother, Florence Spellman, was a 19-year-old unmarried woman. Allison’s father was an Italian American United States Army Air Corps pilot.

It was a simple family in which the mother was kind, caring and loving and the father was of a strict, stubborn nature. Larry was independent, self-reliant and inconsistent, leading to frequent quarrels and misunderstandings with his stepfather, as well as with his teammates.

He could not meet his mother again for 46 years. His mother Louis loved him very much but his father loved him less. Yet Larry Ellison’s distinctive personality traits were perseverance, strategic vision, and passion for innovations.

After a year of part-time jobs, Larry Ellison intended to pursue a degree in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Chicago. However, he lost his interest in the education process and as a result of poor performance, he was expelled after the first semester. In 1966, he moved to California at the age of 22.

Larry Ellison Business

Along with studying there, he learned new things. In 1977, together with two of his colleagues, he founded Software Development Laboratories (SDL) and invested $ 2000 in it.

Today, Allison’s own shares are Salesforce.com, Netsuit, Quark Biotechnology Inc. Alison has donated 1% of her assets and participated in a pledge commitment campaign to donate.

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Personal life

Larry Ellison competed in sailing competitions with his US Keoracle team and is a licensed aircraft pilot and enjoys playing tennis and guitar. Larry Ellison is a self-sufficient entrepreneur and billionaire who achieved his success through trials and errors.

He was sometimes an average student with a complex character. He enjoyed sports activities and played squash, volleyball and hockey. Larry entered the University of Illinois in the 1960s. These were the first good moments of his life. Their future was unknown but everything seemed fruitful.


Larry Ellison is a licensed pilot. He owns a number of aircraft and military jets, including a turbofan-powered military trainer jet designed in Italy in 1984, and the Mikoyan MiG-29, a twin-engine jet fighter aircraft designed in the Soviet Union. The US government has prohibited Ellison from importing into the US.


According to Forbes – In 2004, Ellison donated $ 151,092,103 (1% of Larry’s wealth) and joined the list of the 400 richest American philanthropists.

In 2006, Larry donated $ 115 million to Harvard University. In 2010, Ellison and another 39 billionaires signed The Giving Pledge – a charity commitment campaign that encourages the world’s wealthiest to contribute their majority to philanthropy.

Larry Ellison is an example of a man who confidently innovates in the software industry. We hope that in the biography of Larry Ellison we have enjoyed exploring his success story, and he has inspired us to make new discoveries.

Larry Ellison Education

Larry used to visit the Jewish synagogue every day, always doubting his religion. Allison left Allison University after completing his second year for his sacrifice campaign.

After a year of part-time jobs, Larry Ellison intended to pursue a degree in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Chicago. In 1966, he moved to California at the age of 22.