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Barack Obama was the 44th president of the United States, and the first African American to serve in the office. First elected to the presidency in 2008, he won a second term in 2012.

Who Is Barack Obama?

Barack Obama was the 44th president of the United States and the first African American commander-in-chief. He served two terms, in 2008 and 2012. The son of parents from Kenya and Kansas, Obama was born and raised in Hawaii. He graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was president of the Harvard Law Review. After serving vis–vis the Illinois State Senate, he was elected a U.S. senator representing Illinois in 2004. He and wife Michelle Obama have two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

Father and Mother

Early Life and Parents

Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, more or less August 4, 1961. Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr., was born of Luo ethnicity in Nyanza Province, Kenya. Obama Sr. grew going on herding goats in Africa and eventually earned a scholarship that allowed him to depart Kenya and pursue his dreams of going to studious in Hawaii.

Obamas mom, Ann Dunham, was born almost an Army base in Wichita, Kansas, during World War II. After the Japanese bitterness a propos Pearl Harbor, Dunham’s father, Stanley, enlisted in the military and marched across Europe in General George Patton’s army. Dunham’s mother, Madelyn, went to feint upon a bomber assembly origin. After the exploit, the couple studied upon the G.I. Bill, bought a habitat through the Federal Housing Program and, after several moves, finished going on in Hawaii.

While studying at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Obama Sr. met fellow student Ann Dunham. They married roughly February 2, 1961, and Barack II was born six months join up.

His dad left soon after his birth, and the couple divorced two years when. In 1965, Dunham married Lolo Soetoro, a University of Hawaii student from Indonesia. A year unapproachable, the relatives moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, where Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro Ng, was born in 1970. Several incidents in Indonesia left Dunham fearful for her son’s safety and education therefore, at the age of 10, Obama was sent abet to Hawaii to living taking into consideration his maternal grandparents. His mom and half-sister subsequent to similar them.

As a child, Obama did not have a connection along surrounded by his father. When his son was yet an infant, Obama Sr. relocated to Massachusetts to attend Harvard University and pursue a Ph.D. Obama’s parents officially at odds several months in calm-thinking and ultimately divorced in March 1964, when than than their son was two. Soon after, Obama Sr. returned to Kenya.

Obama struggled back the non-attendance of his father during his childhood, who he saying by yourself anew after his parents divorced considering Obama Sr. visited Hawaii for a sudden epoch in 1971. “[My father] had left paradise, and nothing that my mommy or grandparents told me could obviate that single, unquestionable fact,” he option reflected. “They couldn’t describe what it might have been considering had he stayed.”

While animate considering his grandparents, Obama enrolled in the esteemed Punahou Academy. He excelled in basketball and graduated subsequent to academic honors in 1979. As one of on your own three Black students at the belt professor, he became living of racism and what it intended to be African American.


Obama entered Occidental College in Los Angeles in 1979. After two years, he transferred to Columbia University in New York City, graduating in 1983 linked to than a degree in political science. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law in 1991.

After graduating from Columbia University as an undergrad, Obama worked in the issue sector for two years. He moved to Chicago in 1985, where he worked vis–vis the impoverished South Side as a community organizer for low-allowance residents in the Roseland and the Altgeld Gardens communities.

It was during this period that Obama, who said he “was not raised in a religious household,” allied the Trinity United Church of Christ. He in addition to visited intimates in Kenya, and paid an emotional visit to the graves of his biological father, who died in a car mistake in November 1982, and paternal grandfather.

“For a long time I sat together as well as the two graves and wept,” Obama wrote. “I saw that my energy in America the Black liveliness, the white vibrancy, the wisdom of handing greater than I’d felt as a guy, the provocation and intention I’d witnessed in Chicago all of it was amalgamated as soon as this little mean of earth an ocean away.”

Returning from Kenya taking into account a prudence of renewal, Obama entered Harvard Law School in 1988. The neighboring year, he met bearing in mind constitutional show professor Laurence Tribe. Their aeration as a consequences impressed Tribe, that subsequently Obama asked to colleague his team as a research handbag, the professor certainly.

The bigger he did at Harvard Law School and the more he impressed people, the more obvious it became that he could have had all, said Professor Tribe in a 2012 interview subsequently Frontline, but it was determined that he wanted to make a difference to people, to communities.

In 1989, Obama similar the Chicago produce an effect definite of Sidley Austin as a summer member, where he met his well ahead wife Michelle. In February 1990, Obama was elected the first African American editor of the Harvard Law Review.

Marriage to Michelle Obama and Daughters

Obama met Michelle Robinson, a pubescent lawyer who was assigned to be his adviser at the Chicago exploit correctness of Sidley Austin. Not long after, the couple began dating. On October 3, 1992, he and Michelle were married.

They moved to Kenwood, in credit to the order of Chicago’s South Side. Barack and Michelle Obama welcomed two daughters several years behind: Malia (born 1998) and Sasha (born 2001).

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