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My name is Deepak Kulshrestha. I was born in Delhi on 10 December 1992, and after a few days, we all started living in Faridabad, District of Haryana. We have two sisters and one brother (ie I). All three of us got our primary education from BMR Senior Secondary School, a private school in Faridabad! I was weak in education from the beginning, my mind was busy in sports.

My father’s name is Shri Man Lakhmi Chand Kulsrestha and mother’s name is Shri Mati Asha Devi. My father works as a security guard. And Mummy also used to work some time ago. But some time ago, he had an accident 2-3 times. Because of which they started having problems in walking. At that time, our condition was not such that the mother’s work could be rescued. Because Papa’s work was sometimes not paid, so the mother had to work under compulsion.I did not feel like in my studies, yet I completed the education of the back of my back, in 2012 I crossed that side but compartment came in one of my subjects.After coming to the compartment, I again gave my admission in such a way that he used to study computer software, along with studying computer, he also used to spend his studies and at the same time in 2012, my elder sister’s marriage was fixed for him. Married to Mukesh Chand Kulshrestha who lives in Delhi. After the elder sister’s marriage, Mummy’s mother refused to work, after this, Mummy is at her house, she started living at home, her health was also not good.

At that time, I used to work in a shop, I could not spend my salary in that shop, so one day I asked friend Pankaj to ask my brother, if you can get some work, then he should talk about my job to his friend. The one who used to work in a software company, then got me working on digital marketing post in that company and after a few days I also got a part time job, which cost me well. Then a few days later I had a fight with my team leader.

After that I tell my friend my friend Pankaj all the things he did with me. Pankaj was my childhood friend, he did his schooling with me, that he completed his lawyer studies. After that, I started working, I told him all his things, then I told him that brother you should stop working with him, his habit is like this, then I stopped working and the company that did not progress, I started that company left.

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Then a few days continued like this, on 31 April 2019 I left the IT company. For one month he remained empty at home. . My job is Gulisons Digital Private Limited of the company engaged in Gurgaon, I had my first day on June 3, 2019.

The Gullison Company is a good company and the boss of that company is also very good. A lot of employees were found in that company, all were good. Some friends were also made in that company and some friends came after my company (Monu), they all became very good friends too. Everything was going well (I wanted to be a very big business man right from the start and Mummy Papa had all the facilities he never got), then I felt that I had a lot of time to work in this IT company. I should start my work too.

Then I thought about work and decided to do a business in which some members of my office joined. And we started our business on 9 August 2019. A few days later, two members heard something, in which I told the fault of one, he also fought with me and on WhatsApp chat, he ate whether you stay or not the company will do. The message of the third member came out that the joke was being made fun of. Then I also did not say anything to him and fell silent. Then left for home from office.

I was in Faridabad only when a partner came to know that his brother had made a mistake, he was not going to speak like this. I too gave a beat without saying anything. Then a day later a member left the partnership. Now there were 4 partners of this company and I did not even know that I would lie to anyone. And I continued to work like an unknown, then one day the company was registered and my partners decided between themselves that the company was named after their three partners.

And later I started asking me that you do not have any problems, so I also said that there is no problem, they asked for my documents. So I gave my documents to them. So there is no electricity bill in my documents and they asked for the same and I refused and they said to ask your landlord. After listening to them, I gave the electricity bill to those people seeking it.

सब कुछ ठीक चल रहा था फिर एक दिन मैंने अपने कंपनी मेंबर्स से कहा की मुझे कुछ पैसे दे दो ताकि मैंने अपनी बाइक की डाउन पेमेंट दे के बाइक फाइनेंस करा लू